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Call of Duty 2021 Rumour Suggests that The Game will be Set On World War II Era

We all know about a new premium Call of Duty to come in 2021, but Activision has confirmed no details as of now. And herein we depend on the leakers: according to many reliable inside sources, Sledgehammer Games was to fully make the game Call of Duty 2021. 

Currently, there are some rumors about the setting of the game. Someone knew as Call of Duty Insider, Victor Z whose previous revelations about the CoD: Black Ops Cold War were correct, now says the game might move back to WWII. 

Rumors of Call of Duty 2021

Call of Duty 2021
Call of Duty 2021

He took to Twitter last night to post a teaser, which had a sledgehammer emoji and a piece of art from Call of Duty: WWII. Interestingly when another Twitterati asked him if a futuristic WWIII kind of game would be made, he clarified it is ” WWII” waiting. 

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Anyway, Sledgehammer’s going back to WWII is sensible. Each of the three developers of CoD of Activision will be able to get a distinct take on the franchise to concentrate upon Infinity Ward to continue with Modern Warfare, Treyarch can do Black Ops Sledgehammer can focus on historical ideas if Sledgehammer goes back to Big One. 

Recent years brought some trouble for Sledgehammer due to the co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey departing in 2018. Activision aims to make Sledgehammer a multi-project studio and hence has been building it back.

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So the new head of Sledgehammer, Andy Wilson, said back in 2020 that their studio is growing across the four locations Foster City, California, and Melbourne, Australia, this turning into a multi-purpose one. They seek worthwhile team members to join them, irrespective of seniority and discipline! Watch out for more!!

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