Brydge's Pro+ Keyboard
Brydge's Reveals latest Pro+ iPad Trackpad Keyboard Firmware

Brydge’s Reveals latest Pro+ iPad Trackpad Keyboard Firmware

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The new firmware update by Brydge announced Brydge’s Pro+ Keyboard or trackpad for fixing the lagging issues, which caused its users much problem from the time of launch.  It will positively change the Pro+ trackpad’s interaction with iPadOS, and it is in the beta stage currently for current users. 

iPadOS 13.4 was launched by Apple in 2019, and it came with a mouse and trackpad to support the iPad, which was long desired. Then after that, the Magic keyboard was launched to take advantage of mainstream features which could only be got through Accessibility options. Third-party devices were not as precise and responsive as Apple during that time. The parts from Apple, like Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, and Magic Mouse 2 — functioned smoothly with iPad, unlike the ones from third-party. 

As an important accessory maker, Brydge launched the Brydge Pro+ keyboard trackpad combo for iPad Pro. The hardware was still good, but the cursor made the experience frustrating. 

But the timing was wrong, to which Brydge Pro Plus fell victim. Meant originally for the power user, for supporting the new cursor feature of Apple, which was turned into a function of consumer level, and launched its own keyboard accessory for 13.4 iOS. 

The Pro Plus could be used for normal tasks but without gesture support and not smooth compared to Apple’s own parts. 

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Review And Price Of Brydge’s Pro+ Keyboard:

Brydge's Pro+ Keyboard
Brydge’s Pro+ Keyboard

As of now all, that’s known is the cursor is smooth, though there’s little space for clicking, and the trackpad is small. Users can use three fingers for swiping through apps or bring the interface forward. The experience for using two fingers is also better and consistent to work through apps. 

Brydge is going to put the Pro Plus on sale, and It will be an efficient option that it was on after its original release. The pocket pinch for the 12.9-inch model is being reduced by $60 to $169.99, while the 11-inch version is available for $40 off at $159.99.

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The current firmware update, called Brydge Pro+ 2.0, mainly improves the user experience. But it is in the beta stage, so it’s open to users for testing on Brydge’s website. They need iPadOS 14.5 for the purpose. The program is about to start on 3rd March, with 500 users getting early access on 24th February.  Stay tuned for more!!

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