Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror Season 6: When Can We Expect the Sixth Season?

Black Mirror Season 6: When Can We Expect the Sixth Season?

Last Updated on August 9, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Black Mirror Season 6 is a TV series of the genre British dystopian science fiction. It is created by Charlie Brooker, the showrunner includes Annabel Jones, apart from himself. The Black Mirror series is a dark sci-fi drama dealing with the dark side of technology. It makes the viewers question the future and consequences of their cell phones and profiles in social media. The interactive feature was present in the season, along with very compactly made five seasons, having a satirical tone. 

Netflix acquired the show rights in September 2015, making seasons 3,4,5, along with a film “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.” Last year the fans saw no release of the 6th season, so now fans have been wondering about when it’ll come out!

The main inspiration for Black Mirror is an older anthology series, such as The Twilight Zone. This was thought to be more capable of handling relevant topics with lesser threats from censorship than other realistic mediums. He developed the show to portray the relationship of humans with technology and also its darker aspects. 

Black Mirror Reception so far

The series has gathered much positive reception from critics, been awarded many awards and nominations. It’s been more popular lately after being added to Netflix.  There are eight Emmy Awards for “San Junipero,” “USS Callister,” and Bandersnatch, including three consecutive titles in the Outstanding Television Movie category in the kitty of this show. 

Release And Cast Details Of Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror Season 6 Scene

The fifth season came on 5th June 2019 on Netflix. So after this, the possibility of a sixth season is still not known; in fact, the creator of the show is skeptical about how far viewers would demand a dystopian show after their sufferings of 2020! 

He, in fact, actually wanted to try his hand at something comic. The other factor which makes it uncertain is the exit of showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones from the production company House of Tomorrow, which is part of Endemol Shine. 

Instead, a new company named Broke and Bones was created by them, which also has backing from Netflix. Incidentally, the rights of the show Black Mirror rests with Endemol Shine, and so creators Brooker and Jones cannot move forward with new seasons until they sign the new agreement or new writers are brought. Also, Endemol was bought by Banijay Group in 2019. 

Black Mirror Trailer

Anyway, the sixth season is not totally an impossibility or is canceled, as the head of Banijay said they are looking out for few options. So the show might come out around late 2022 or 2023 proper if renewed in 2021.

The show, a winner of many Emmy Awards, has a host of well-known faces as its cast. Last season it consisted of Topher Grace, Nicole Beharie, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Miley Cyrus, Damson Idris, Pom Klementieff, Angourie Rice, Andrew Scott, Madison Davenport, and Ludi Lin.

It’s expected to see new casts for acting in a new storyline if renewed for season six. According to the creator, there might also be a returning of the past actors who will come back to portray their roles, or maybe in different roles also. 

Black Mirror Season 6: What to Expect in the Sixth Season? 

The basic crux of the show is to show humanity struggling against newer technologies which open a host of risks in the real-life and also some fictional problems resulting from technology in the near future. The plot is different for every episode, and they show varied struggles like a spaceship adventure gone wrong, knowing when a relationship will expire from the date given by a dating program. Humans become individuals in a video game or get obsessed with a robot doll and end up lonely. 

Also, the show has cross-references to earlier episodes; like an episode ‘Hated in the Nation,’ part of the third season is connected with ‘The National Anthem’ of season 1 and ‘White Bear’ of season 2. So we might expect a similar trend in the sixth season, too, if at all renewed!. Watch out for more!

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