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Valorant’s Yoru and Viper will undergo some changes, reveals Riot Games

For Riot Games, January has been a tranquil month. However, Riot has laid out their plans for the Valorant Agents that will come soon via the upcoming patches. All plans revolve around two particular Agents: Yoru and Viper; both these characters appear in the requirement of a bluff.

In one of Riot Games’ latest blogs named ‘State of the Agents,’ the gaming studio paid its full attention towards these two particular characters: Viper and Yoru. John Gosicki, the Character Producer of Valorant, feels that the other Agents in the game are doing fine, and only these two Agents require some changes. Since the update in 2.0, the Brimstone and Omen changes have made the Agents settle in a healthier position. Presently, there is immense competition between the specified two characters whose particular strengths are being highlighted.

Riot Games lays out a proper plan for updates for two Agents: Viper and Yoru.

Yoru and Viper in valorant
Agent Viper

The third Controller-type Agent, Viper, is not relatively so even. She has always been a target while there are specific updates on the game. Currently, Viper still seems to be having a problem during many matches. Sadly, Gosicki has mentioned that Agent Viper will not receive a timely update during the next patch. The character developers need some more time to find her spot to correctly fit in when there is a competition between Omen and Brimstone.

Valorant will bring new agents: Yoru and Viper
 Agent Yoru

However, Agent Yoru will get some upgrades in the coming times. After the latest addition to the roster, with only a few weeks of gameplay time, Yoru did not a lot of time to plunge into the system. The developers have received a feeling that the character is not performing up to the mark. The mastery of infiltration of Yoru is not heading towards successful gameplay. All the players who play with Yoru will not be facing some bluffs.

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Another blog confirms that there will be another Agent, Controller, who will soon land in Valorant. The blog also gives details on a cosmic shift from gaming patterns with which the players are familiar.

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