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Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset will Now be Available on Preorders

A new Wireless Gaming Headset has been announced by Xbox. This headset will be one of the best accessories for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gamers. Reports state that it will release during the next month, however now it is available for preorders. This headset promises superior quality of music and talks since Xbox 360, whose production has stopped back in 2005.

If you are excited about this headset, then it is available for preorders currently.

Microsoft’s gaming division, Microsoft Xbox, has been planning for a long time to bring the headset into the market along with the Xbox Series S and X. The Wireless Gaming headset is exclusive to these two particular consoles only. It will be the best add-on accessory for gaming, voice chats, and talks on the console.

The Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset is now available on preorders!!

This particular device will come with Bluetooth, which will help it connect with other devices such as the Xbox One, Series S and Series X, PC, and smartphones. The headset is big, with a round cup that will snuggly fit onto the gamer’s ears.

Features, Price, and Release Date of The Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset

Preorders have been announced for the latest headset by Xbox. The headset will hit the markets on the 16th of March. First, the people who have preordered will receive their products, and after that, the product will be available for the others in the market. The headset will cost you 99.99$ at any store, including Microsoft’s direct store. If anyone purchases from the Microsoft direct shop, then their shipping will be free.

The audio will be super rich with Dolby Atmos equipped experience, Windows Sonic for better audio quality, and DTX Headphone: X for a realistic experience. The sides of the ear-cup face have a rotating dial used to control the sound levels and for a balance in chatting while gaming.

Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset
A look at the latest Headset

The company boasts of having ear cups that are “ultra-soft” and can be customized for different head sizes. The lightweight device makes it very comfortable for gaming for long hours. The mic is foldable, and there is a feature called voice isolation that helps cut off the background noise for a noise-free chatting experience. The Headset runs for 15 hours in just one charge. It can be charged via a USB Type C charging port.

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According to a report by Xbox Wire, this headset is the future of audio while gaming. It will work best on the next-gen consoles, especially with the Xbox ones. There will be an unnoticeable delay in the wireless sound as the speed for delivering sound is very fast, even for the sounds with extremely high quality.
The ones who are interested can check out the official Xbox website to find a nearby retailer for giving their preorders.

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