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New MetaHuman Creator by Epic Games and Unreal Engine 5 brings a new revolution in character designing

Epic Games have announced the latest tool, which will help the developers bring their visions in front of their eyes. This tool is given the name MetaHuman Creator. The application allows the developers to make 3D models and character sketches very fast and comfortably. The characters can be designed according to our needs.

MetaHuman Creator’s capability ranges from one character to a large swarm of character-making, with different body build, hairstyle, color, and other significant traits. These models can further be animated with every detail captured to use in several programs.

Making digital human characters has been one of the most difficult tasks in 3D modeling. Although artists might have a lot of experience that all of them will agree that it requires a considerable amount of time, concentration, and tools.

Epic Games is bringing a new tool in the market, MetaHuman Creator, to help them out.

MetaHuman Creator will speed up one of the important steps while developing games. This application is also useful in other projects apart from gaming. Epic Games, along with Unreal Engine 5, is pulling off this project for streamlining development. This application will make the process go much faster. People do not just have to waste many days on a single asset of a project. This tool will decrease the manual labor, and people can make characters in minutes.

The CTO of Epic Games, Kim Libreri, mentioned that Vlad has successfully built a streamlined and economical process for creating characters. Together they are set to form a tool that will relieve all the developers from the complicated and time-consuming process of character development in games.

A few characters have been created for the demo aim of moving towards reality. These characters are not just limited to semi-photoreal fashion.

The developers had aimed for photo-real, but they were not very strict upon it. This application will prove to be an asset for them because it will allow all the developers to sketch characters very quickly. The aim is to make the characters look original and lively enough. In The Last of Us 2, the characters were very appealing, vibrant characters. MetaHuman Creator should work to produce much better characters.

Developers and creators should use MetaHuman Creator for making the upcoming animated fighting or war games by adding a lot of aesthetics to the characters. The application users can change textures, shading, hairstyle, elaborate on proportions, and whatnot.

MetaHuman Creator
A look at the application

This application can be considered as a tool for developing gaming characters as well as by content creators. The usage ranges from professional to just random trials. The users do not need to be professionals to use it; the application is very user-friendly. An iPhone can also run it.

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MetaHuman Creator will soon bring two completely finished and ready characters as a sample. These characters will further be modified and utilized in a few upcoming projects. The application will be available in the market in the coming few months.

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