Steam Grows Big with the Number Reaching Approximately 26.4 Million Now

Steam Grows Big with the Number Reaching Approximately 26.4 Million

Steam has hit a record of having 26.4 million concurrent users as of the 2nd of January. This number continued for more than a month. The number which was penned down till yesterday was 16,401,443. This is the number of users connected with the application and not the players involved in the game. The number of players involved in games was around 7.3 million in number. This is less than the number noted in the month of March last year. When the coronavirus pandemic had just begun, the number had gone up all the way to 8.1 million.

Steam puts a record of having 26.4 million simultaneous users of the application.

Steam reached 26.4 million users

The top games that were being played from the application were Apex Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Tale of Immortal, which is a Chinese RPG game that is available. Vacations for the lunar year will kick off from the coming weekend, and this will lead to a good boost. The numbers of Steam are on the increasing side of the slope for one year for the time being.

In 2020 February, the joint record of the number of people in Steam was only 18.8 million. Steam took a lot of time to reach the 18.5 million mark, but the hype of PUBG made the numbers increase so fast.

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On completing 120 million monthly users, Valve mentioned in one of its reviews that Steam was facing a vast growth in 2020 during the COVID19 lockdown. People had to stay at home, and this boomed the playtime in Steam. This increased the selling of games, and people started enjoying their quarantine gaming.

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