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Zoom rolls out a new feature, ‘Studio Effects,’ to spice up your online calls

With the current pandemic still affecting people worldwide, operating/working from home has become the new norm. My industry experts believe, working from home is the future for professionals, and with that, video conferencing apps such as Zoom have become a boon for all working professionals, and with continuous upgrades, the app just keeps on getting better.

Amidst the current situation, online meetings have become an integral part of our lives, and we understand how important it is to appear while you have your front camera on.

A few tweaks here and there (especially in the background) can add a new layer to how you present yourself during online calls. However, if we say you can now tweak your video, audio, and appearance virtually before joining any call/meeting/class, will it impress you?

Zoom adds a new feature: Studio Effects

Zoom Studio Effects
Zoom’s Studio Effects (via The Verge)

Yes, you’ve read that part right; the developers of Zoom has worked and added a new feature, thereby giving the end-users the ability to check their appearance. The latest feature is called ‘Studio Effects.’ It will provide you with some cool effects such as eyebrow style, mustache & beard, lip color, and a few others to enhance your appearance (although, nothing as such you aren’t already aware of).

According to Zoom, the developers were working since 2020’s September, and now, numerous users took to Twitter to share the update. Although most of them aren’t suited to professional calls or meetings, you can sure use them to have a fun time with family/friends.

The Verge reported that ‘Studio Effects’ can be found under the ‘Background & Filters’ option in Settings. End users will have a total of 10 lip color, 7 Moustache & beard, and 7 eyebrows styles to choose from, and can even save the preferred customization for future calls.

The newest update is available for most of the users. However, we recommend you check once to see if you can access the feature.

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