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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Easter Egg tutorial: How to Complete the Mission?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has received its new map, Firebase Z, this Thursday. After an exciting Easter egg hunt, the big secret has been solved. Some of the best and the most famous members of the community of Zombies offered their help to solve the puzzle. We will be giving you a stepwise guide to solving the puzzle.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available right now on the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Before reaching the Easter egg’s final steps, the player has to go through a few tasks. The Power and Pack-a-Punch must be switched on, and after that, the player has to collect the Wonder Weapon. All the details can be obtained in the RAI K-84 and Pack-a-Punch guide if one requires.

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Steps for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Easter Egg 

  • When the player gets the power, RAI K-84 and Pack-a-Punch ready, he needs to go to the Atrium area and talk to Ravanov. You will be further sent to speak with Dr. Peck behind the Mission Control Area’s huge window. Again, you will be sent back to Ravanov, who will then give you the Ravanov ID Badge item. 
  • The cards obtained can open 3 lockers. Once we go into the Courtyard towards the Equipment Storage area, we will find the first card. It is right across from where Ravanov is standing. Along with the first card, we will also find the Compound S16 inside. 
  •  In order to go to the following locker, we have to make our way across the Military Command Control Room to reach the Colonel’s Office. There is a locker next to the desk inside the office where we will find Compound P65.   
  • The final locker contains Compound 36, and it can be in the Engineering Section inside a building.
  •  The player has to make his way from the Barracks to the Field Hospital. The Agent Delivery System machine will be useful to mix all the collected chemicals.
  •  Once we get the machine running, many enemies will swarm into the scene. We have to make sure the machine keeps running. Kill all the enemies, and then take the final product with you.
  •  The final product is then brought to the roof’s AC unit. To know whether you are in the correct place or not, you will see the option- attach the Agent Delivery System, on the screen.
  • The player has to then again return to Dr. Peck and communicate with him.
  • Move towards the Data Centre and interact with the machine over there with a brain on its screen. There is an option to unlock the Memory Transfer Station, which gives you access to 4 Essence Traps.  
  • The Essence Traps act like the Pokeballs in Pokemon. The player has to look for 3 Mimic Zombies at some specific spots. These zombies can be trapped once we can lower their health bar. In order to find the required Zombie, look at the area with many small objects lying on the ground. Out of the many objects, one of them will spawn the Zombie in.   
  • When we find all the 3 mimics, a Floppy Disk will come out of the machine. We have to take it and travel into Planning Offices to drop the disk in the Quantum Main Frame machine.
  •  Return to the OPC to find a new portal area.
  • Next, we have to find the Aether Containers with the help of a shovel.    
  • The first Aether Container is found in the Jungle Defense Area with a lot of dirt lying all around. The beeping sound will help us locate the spot for the container.  
  • The second container lies in the corner of the Open Lot area just beside the OPC. Sound clues are also used over here to locate the container.  
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Easter Egg
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Easter Egg
  • The final container is found in the Barracks area near the stairs that connects it to the Data Center.    
  • Move towards the Aether Reactors to switch it on and place the containers in that spot. The spots would be Mission Control, Data Center, and the Military Command.
  • If we search the OPC and try to look for Dr. Peck, we will see that he is no longer available. We have to use the computer in the Planning Offices. We will find a galactic map on display, which can be controlled using the d-pad.      
  • Finally, once everything is done, return to the OPC and go to the terminals on the right side. This will lead to a Boss Fight.  

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Firebase Z Boss Fight

The Boss Fight’s main target is Orda, but all the other enemies around him will also have to be killed first. The entire team has to attack together to do the maximum damage to Orda’s health bar. The Pack-a-Punch and other perks will provide the players with extra power and damage, which will be required.

These are all the necessary info that you need for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Easter Egg.

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