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Firefly Lane Season 1 Ends on a Cliffhanger: What does the ending mean?

Netflix’s new show Firefly Lane Season 1 has finally concluded, and the threads are now open for season 2. It is an American drama TV series created by Maggie Friedman for Netflix and is based on the titular novel by Kristin Hannah. The series premiered on February 3, 2021.

It covers a timeline of about 30 years and centers around the lives of two best friends by portraying the various stages of their lives at various points of time, jumping back and forth of the narration. In the 1970s, Tully Hart with her mother moved to Firefly Lane in Snohomish, Washington. There she met the girl, Kate Mularkey, a misfit for high school, and soon they became best friends.

They have been together in each others’ lives right from youth till they entered into their middle age. On their way to enduring the usual trials of life of ordinary people like heartbreaks, trauma, career troubles, and marriage issues: the love and support of the two besties had been solid as a rock and consistent in each other’s lives. But then, like all relations, they fell apart at one point in time. So the show Firefly Lane explores the depths of bonds of friendship in an extremely emotional way. 

The fans looking out for a good detail of season 1’s ending are at the right place as we are going to discuss the same. 

Firefly Lane Season 1 Finale Recap

Firefly Lane Season 1 ending explained
Firefly Lane Season 1 Collage

Fast Forward to 2005, the last episode begins where Kate and Tully arrive at Bud’s funeral. They bump into each other outside the church, and they totally ignore each other’s presence. Kate tells her brother Sean about seeing Tully, but she doesn’t wish to talk regarding her. Then viewers are treated with a flashback scene taking place in the 1980s, but here we shall discuss the incidents in order of time rather than jumping back and forth of time.

The story chronologically begins in the 70s when Tully and Cloud spent Christmas Eve with the Mularkeys, Kate’s family. During the occasion, Cloud and Kate’s father, Bud, quarrel. He knew that his wife was an infidel and gave her a choice between her partner and lover. Cloud gets arrested for being a drug seller; this separates Tully and Kate because Tully goes to stay with her granny.

Around the 80s, Despite deciding to be just as friends, Kate flirts with Johnny along with work meetings. But Johnny confesses his feelings for Kate, after spending some private time together at Kate’s house after Bud’s cardiac arrest and also sleeps together. Around the same time, Tully gets job offers from Wilson King but has to push him away for he made unwanted sexual advances towards her.

In 2003, Tully had to quit her job because Wilson King takes over her talk show and makes changes according to his own decisions. Also, she breaks up with Max.

Kate tries to initiate a relationship with Travis but ends up failing hilariously. Then she becomes aware that she really misses Johnny, who too does the same; they again sleep together before Johnny leaving for Iraq. After that, Kate realizes her love is still for Johnny, which she tells to Kate. Sean is thrown out by his wife, so he comes to live with his sister Kate for the time being. The year ends in a cheerful and festive mood for Tully and Kate while Tully asks Kate to produce her own show. But tragedy breaks out in Iraq without their knowledge.

Then directly in 2005, Kate and Tully meet face to face at Bud’s funeral, but Kate totally shuns to even talk with Tully, denies forgiving her, not even wishing to see her again later.

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Firefly Lane Season 1 Ending: Johnny’s Unknown Fate

FIREFLY Lane Season 1 on Netflix
Firefly Lane season 1 Scene (via Netflix)

Johnny left for Iraq after reuniting with Kate, writing and covering good articles about the war, which he was eager to do, while Kate used to read them back at home. The next thing shown is Johnny in the midst of a blast, which we don’t know whether he survived or not. Kate’s phone rang after the blast, perhaps which carried the news about Johnny’s plight, but it went unattended since Kate was at the pool enjoying with Tully.

This is the first major suspense with which the series left us. Hopefully, it will be clearly figured out in the next season whether Johnny was killed in the blast or survived it.

What happened to Kate and Tully’s friendship?

The last thing which fans knew was Kate and Tully bidding a nice farewell to 2003 and starting 2004 on a promising note while discussing their chances of working together. But after that, the final episode shows their friendship already broken. So it’s needless to say that something major had happened within a year’s span, which led to their separation, which is why they totally ignored each other at Bud’s funeral. 

Their friendship can be said to have broken due to any reason, which could be related to profession or private. It’s worth mentioning that despite having a long friendship, Kate always suffered from a hidden inferiority complex, and Tully felt ignored by her for the same reason, maybe. They had issues buried down in their friendship that were left unresolved, which might have found a way to blow up. 

But it’s certain that there’s something serious which broke their friendship since their relationship was really solid, consistent and hence it’s unlikely that it will be affected by any insignificant reason. Fans have to wait till season 2 to really find it out: it’s really a matter of deep suspense.

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