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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8
Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8: Release Date, Preview and Streaming Details

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 is titled Assassin’s Bullet, anime is currently In its fourth and final season, and things are getting way more intense as the show progresses towards its conclusion.

The plot of the series most of us are already aware of but still for some of our readers who don’t have any idea of the anime series, so only for them we will give a small introduction to the story.

The story starts in a world where humanity resides inside cities enclosed by giant walls of the Titans, colossal humanoid creatures that appear to devour people for no cause whatsoever.

It follows the exploits of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, his friends, and Armin Arlert, whose lives changed forever after their hometown’s wall was broken by the Giant Giant.

Eren and his friends, who take revenge and take the planet back from the Titans, joined the Scout Battalion, an elite group of Titans fighting soldiers. 

The show had a total of 3 seasons previously and now it’s currently on its fourth season which is said to be the last season of Attack On Titan.

Already 7 episodes of Season 4 have been released so far, the last episode which was released on 24th January was Season 4 Episode 7: Assault now the next episode is Season 4 Episode 8 which is titled Assassin’s Bullet so in this article we will give all the fans updates on Season 4 Episode 8. So here is all you need to know

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8: What Happened? 

Now let’s look into what happened in the previous episode. We have seen little Gabi decided to tackle Paradis Island’s monsters alone after witnessing the demolition of her city.

As the kid took the gun and targeted Eren Jaeger and members of the Survey Corps. She soon witnessed the mega-fight between Eren Yeager and Survey Corps vs. Jaw Titan, Cart Titan, and Beast Titan.

As the battle starts, the Survey Corps and Eren were first in the backseat because of the offensive attacks from the regrouping of Jaw Titan, Cart Titan, and Beast Titan.

During this time, Reiner Braun, who was down in the entire fight till now, saved Falco, who observed the destruction for the first time, climbing out of the Armoured Titan’s hand. 

Being perfectly titled as “Assault,” the Jaw Titan was first rescued by the Cart Titans from the hands of Paradis soldiers at the very onset.

The War Hammer Titans also tried the last power on her sleeves to set a hold into the war with the best she could do, and then we saw the Beast Titan joining the attack.

Eren gets abused and cursed by little Falcon, who just saw the battle after coming out of the building. He couldn’t believe in his eyes what he was seeing.

Eren fails to devour the War Hammer Titan as she is enclosed inside a crystal armor, and so the battle is leaning on the side of Marleyans gradually. 

He changes into a titan for the third time, Falcon informs about Reiner’s condition to Commander Magath. An enraged Gabi also comes into the scene. At this moment, Armin arrives in the boat and transformed into the Colossal Titan, and instantly kills so many soldiers.

Beast Titan and Cart Titan get attacked by the ruthless, probably one of the collect characters of the show Captain Levi and his team of Paradis soldiers, respectively. Pieck is heavily injured and fails to regenerate quickly.

During the moment of the Jaw Titan and Eren’s Attack Titan engaged in combat, it occurs to Eren that it’s only Jaw Titan who can break into the armor of War HammerTitan’s crystal ball

Know About Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7

Eren’s intentions: Since Eren is a central character, it’s important to know about him in a more detailed manner.

He first beats up the jaw titan with the help of Mikasa.

He then uses the powerful jaw power of the Jaw titan to break the crystal ball, which had the Warhammer Titan in it; then, he consumed the spinal fluid of the War Hammer Titan gives him the power of another titan as well as endows Paradis Island with more Titan for their protection.

Because his consumption of the Jaw Titan will improve the stand of his motherland in the world more strongly, it seems the most desired move for him, and he is bent on it. 

Titan gave a final blow to Eren, which he endured. And in the final moments of the episode, we finally saw Reiner finally waking up and transforming into his titan form, and now the battle will start between Eren and Reiner.

It will be interesting to see how the story will progress now, and as of now, we think Eren and his team have a slight upper hand in the battle, and the further story will unfold soon.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date and Preview

It will get released on 1st February 2021, on Monday at 12:10 AM JST. The fans need to convert the timing according to their countries. The anime can be watched on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix.

Where To Watch The Show?

Here we have listed few mediums and their subscriptions:

Crunchy roll: Viewers can watch every episode of S4 on Crunchyroll. They are giving 14 days free trial of the premium version, and like other streaming channels, payment details must be filled in. The free version of Crunchyroll contains ads. 

The anime fans can get the Crunchyroll app on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Funimation: Viewers can get the complete episode of S4 of the show here on Funimation. The date for English Subs is awaiting announcement and shall be informed as soon as available. 

Funimation now can be signed up by the ones interested to watch the episodes online, as it has a free trial for 14days, and payment details must be filled in. It is available across iOS and Android devices, even PlayStation and Microsoft stores. 

Now the episodes can be watched anywhere since the app is also upon the Nintendo Switch.

Hulu: The new episode of Attack on Titan Season 4 is also available on Hulu’s streaming service. The new subscribers can get a free trial. 

The Hulu app is available on iOS and Android devices, even on the consoles in the PlayStation and Microsoft stores and in the Nintendo eShop. Viewers can download it from Roku and Amazon devices. The app is also in certain Smart TVs, but viewers must check the app Store before being sure.

AnimeLab: This service, though, brings the Attack on Titans for fans; it doesn’t operate in all regions. One needs to check from the sign-up page to see if their area is open to it.

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