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Xbox Live Gold Passes to Receive a Considerable Hike in Subscription Plans

Microsoft has planned to charge higher prices for the Xbox Live Gold Subscription. This plan of theirs will come into action soon. Microsoft has been sending notifications to the people having the Live Gold subscription about these changes in a few places. The price will increase by one dollar to 10.99 dollars monthly in the United States.

There is also a 3-month membership package for only 5 dollars. People taking yearly or half-yearly subscriptions will face an increment in the subscription cost; however, the existing users will not face this increment right now.

The subscription for three months will cost 29.99 dollars, and that of six months will cost 59.99 dollars. Microsoft has further notified people to convert their current plans to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which lasts for a span of 36 months. This means that if a subscriber has eleven months of Xbox Live Gold subscription left on their account, then he/she can easily upgrade the subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate scheme with no additional money being spent.

The monthly subscription value of the Xbox Live Gold Pass about to increase

The Xbox Live Gold subscription cost will be increasing from the present 60 dollars per year plan to 120 dollars per year. Microsoft very silently removed the 12 months plan, which cost 60 dollars, but Sony still keeps this plan of 60 dollars in the market for their PlayStation Plus membership. People are waiting for a justification as to why Microsoft suddenly doubled the price.

Many understand that Microsoft took this move to shift the people from the Xbox Live Gold subscription to the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. This new game pass comes with added benefits as it provides streaming in xCloud, more than hundreds of games, and Xbox Live Gold access.

Xbox Live
Xbox Live Gold Pass 2021

Many people assumed that Microsoft would reject the charges for the Xbox Live subscription totally. Many people also thought there would be free multiplayer games that will be provided on the Xbox gaming consoles. However, all these people were disheartened when none of these came true. What happened was completely opposite to what they expected; there is an increase in price now for the subscriptions.

In many market places, Xbox Live Gold’s price has not increased for a very long time and in a few other markets for not over ten years of time.

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These changes mentioned by Microsoft will not come into effect for a minimum of 45 days now. The subscribers of Xbox Live will receive a notification about it, and only then will these changes come into action. Every place will have these changes in different time periods, and the people will be notified by Microsoft a month earlier than the actual time.

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