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Hitman 3: Cross-Save Progression Issue Haunting Players

The developers are really putting in their hard work to get the IOI Account back into working so as to make the sequential carryover possible while playing the game.

One of the most awaited games of the year, Hitman 3, started experiencing some problems from the very first day of its release. The game owners are very unhappy with the experience as they cannot carry over their saved progression from the earlier slot.

The massive feature that Hitman 3 promised to provide is carrying over the gameplay’s progress of all the previous levels. However, this ability requires a lot of work at the backend. With the increase in saves during the gameplay, a lot of traffic was caused in the network. This increased traffic led to the downfall of the system on the very first day of its launch.

Hitman 3 has been facing issues with the cross-save progression from the first day.

IO Interactive announced that the developers are working to their full potential to get this problem fixed. Once they are completely satisfied with the rectifications, they will announce them on their social media handle for everyone to know.

IO Interactive has also mentioned that at this point in time, the players can enjoy the gameplay of Hitman 3. They will not face any problems in playing the game but saving the progress will cause some issues. This particular issue is stopping many players from playing the game now.


Hitman 3
IO Interactive Tweets

Initially, it was thought that the players enjoying the game on their PC would have to purchase the levels again from Epic Games Store. This caused a lot of disturbance amongst the players because everyone was in the plan of importing the progress to the console. IO Interactive, however, confirmed that the PC players would not have to purchase anything. This gave the players a sigh of relief.

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Hitman 3 has also been released on the Nintendo Switch platform. A cloud gaming service saves the game progress. This game can be experienced while moving from one place to another on the Nintendo Switch.

However, there has not been a single negative comment regarding the gameplay and reviews of making the game. The stealth nature of the game is very intriguing. IO Interactive brings assassination to its finest with crisp and solid graphics, modes, and gameplay. For players who want to venture into this genre of stealth killing, Hitman 3 will not break your expectations or lose your interest.

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