Fortnite: New Update 15.21 Adds New Quests, Skins and More

Last Updated on January 21, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Fortnite has brought a new update- 15.2. This update went into effect since Tuesday early morn. So people, finally, the most awaited Predator is waiting for you in the Battle Royale. Are you ready to face him? The Predator will be present as a boss; there will be many new challenges with the Predator’s invisible skin.

The Predator will identify his presence against Kratos, Master Chief, Michonne, and other characters who were brought into the limelight during the 5th Season of Fortnite. People are very excited about the new update- 15.21. Want to know what these updates will provide to you in the game? If yes, read to learn more.

Witness the ‘Predator’ as the Boss in Fortnite Update 15.21

Highlights of Fortnite 15.21 Update

If you want to play Fortnite, it is available everywhere for you to enjoy. Be it your PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox next-gen Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Pc, or even your mobile using the Epic Games application. The latest Update 15.21 is on air now, and this update brings you the old classic alien, The Predator as the boss in the Battle Royale.

The key points of the update include-

  • After this particular update, there is an introduction of a new character who will be a boss in the Battle Royale, plus there will be a Mythical item as well in the game. The boss is The Predator, and the mythical thing is the ability to become invisible, aka The Cloaking device of the Predator. This ability can make The Predator get out of sight for around 30 seconds.
  •  There will be journeys on being a hunter amidst the wild jungle, Jungle Hunter Quest. With the updates going live, these quests are also into action. With the ongoing of the game, you can unlock the weapon wraps, new emotes like the Back Bling, and most importantly, the Predator skin. But the skin is only available once you overpower The Predator.
  • Finally, the Fortnite arena is free of all the IO guards. They were the primary cause of frustration amongst the Fortnite players in competitions.

Betterments made in Fortnite 15.21 regarding bugs.

  • The feature of Sand Tunnelling is deactivated for the time being.
  • The advertisements that make the use of channels to hide all the texts are facing problems while functioning.
Fortnite 15.21
Sand tunneling

The new update, 15.21, of Fortnite might look like a huge update, but it is a very significant one. It adds a lot of new content for which the players were waiting for a long time. Regarding the Predator skin, unlocking it will not be as challenging as unlocking the skins of the other characters in the battle pass. The steps for obtaining the Predator skin are simple- you have to defeat the boss. 

Now defeating the boss is surely challenging because it can become invisible, and you will have no idea where it is. But whenever you notice something blurry, you have got to take a shot at it, and then you might emerge as the winner. Being at a considerable height will allow you to see The Predator’s blurry movements when it gets invisible and will help you in shooting as well. 

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Other essential bug fixes include Sand Tunnelling. This feature was mainly a glitch that allowed players to travel to the building tops, but now post an update, it has been totally disabled. There are no changes in gameplay after the update. However, the Predator’s introduction should be a cause of great excitement and interest among the players.

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