List of Xbox Series X|S New Exclusive Games Which will be Launched in 2021
List of Xbox Series X|S New Exclusive Games Which will be Launched in 2021

List of Xbox Series X|S New Exclusive Games Which will be Launched in 2021

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The next-gen Xbox Series X|S has already launched in the market, but many of the major Xbox exclusive gaming titles were delayed for several reasons, most of which were related to COVID. 

As the next-gen consoles from both Microsoft and Sony move into 2021, people will have a lot of expectations with the games they will play on these consoles. The exclusive content games have always been sought with tremendous excitement. For the Xbox, we all know the game for which people are waiting so eagerly- Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite was delayed by a long time, but Microsoft is trying its best to bring this game out for the people to enjoy and test the power of their new next-gen gaming console.

Each gaming console is entitled to a few exclusive games, and the maximum working capacity of these consoles are showcased via these exclusive games. Nintendo has a plethora of exclusive games to its name, Mario and The Legend Of Zelda namely. Microsoft’s console was always criticized for not launching more exclusive games like its competitor Sony’s PlayStation. 

2021 brings a lot of games on the Xbox Series X|S. The games range from some blockbuster titles to some small independent gaming titles. No particular dates have been announced as to when these games will launch. We will have to wait to know more about them.

Let us look at a few of the Exclusive Games that Xbox has to offer on their next-gen console.

New Xbox Games, which will be launched in 2021

New Xbox Games: Halo Infinite (TBA 2021): 

Halo Infinite shows the return of the character Master Chief. The developer of the game- 343 Industries, considers this version of Halo as the most aggressive compared to the other Halo subparts. Fans were really amazed by the gameplay video that was shown. There were some doubts as to whether 343 Industries could deliver an appreciable finished product, but it seems they are living up to the good expectations. The flagship series of Xbox games will return this year, and people can experience the next level of gaming on the next-gen consoles. 

New Xbox Games: Microsoft Flight Simulator (Summer 2021): 

The flight simulating series of games reach the consoles for the first time. This game has received a lot of good reviews because it resembles a real-life flight simulation to a great extent. The people playing this game can learn how to take off and fly in the sky, enjoying the beautiful view beneath. The day undergoes changes in weather, climate, and different times of the day are also portrayed. These changes provide some challenging situations for the people driving the plane to adjust their flying skills accordingly. 

New Xbox Games: Adios (TBA 2021): 

This game will be an FPP game with a lot of in-game decisions to make. The game will be directed in the direction according to the decisions that you take. The game’s main character tries to flee away from the Mafia so the people playing the game will have to make thoughtful decisions, or it will ruin the protagonist’s path ahead.

New Xbox Games: The Big Con (TBA 2021):

This game is filled with nostalgia from the ’90s. The Big on showcases Ali, a high school student who has just left the band camp and is set to save her mother’s shop from the loan cheaters. Beanie babies might make a guest appearance in the game, which will be a huge publicity stunt for the game.

New Xbox Games: The Big Con

New Xbox Games: ExoMecha (TBA 2021): 

This is an FPS game where the players are on the planet Omecha. The players are involved in the battle for the said planet. The game provides some great visuals; the gameplay is very much adaptable. There is a wide variety of gadgets and tech to be used in the game to fight and win the big battles with the boss.

The Gunk (TBA 2021):

Steamworld series fans will be very much interested in The Gunk developed by Image & Form Games. The game belongs to the sci-fi genre with 2 scavenger friends who come across a lonely planet filled with dark and strange parasites. Although the concept seems disgusting, the game comes up to be very much exciting. 

Lake (TBA 2021)

The Lake is a game that has a heavy narrative-based storyline. The main character Meredith is a middle-aged girl who is on her way back home to take her father’s position as a mailman. The people and the places are both known to Meredith, and it will determine whether she will continue her life in the hometown or return to the place where she came from.


Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy (TBA 2021): 

Unexplored 2, an RPG game, is set in the present times. The game showcases a constructive and detailed of carrying on with the plot. There are some beautiful sceneries in the game to look out for.

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