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Fortnite Brings the Old Favorite, The Predator’s Pod, in a Secret Location

As we find out, the hunters of this particular season of Fortnite are not just the Star Wars, Marvel, and DC characters. Fortnite is slowly changing into one of the best classic movie hunter games. It now has The Predator, who was seen haunting Arnold Schwarzenegger amidst the wild jungle. The Predator had several movies in its name. 

The skin of the said character has not been brought for the players’ eyes yet. This skin will be included in the season’s Battle pass as the “Secret Skin.” In order to unlock the Secret Skin, the player will have to go through a series of challenges. There are several cosmetics on the theme of The Predator. Get ready to experience the iconic character in the game.

Fortnite will be Showcasing a Secret Location, which will have the Predator’s Ship.

The ship lies in the north-western corner of the map, which will surely grab your attention. There will something showering its light in the interiors, making the situation more dramatic and interesting. On opening it, there will be a mythical chest. The full ship cannot be broken down at the same instant.

All the challenges that the player faces while playing the game will ultimately direct him towards The Predator amidst the jungle, just like the Wolverine case. The challenges might look very tempting, but surely solving them will not be an easy job to do. Details of the Secret Skin ( emotes and abilities) are still unknown, but if it would have the capability of cloaking just like in the movies, wouldn’t it be interesting? If the power of cloaking is really present, it will be a gamechanger as this power overpowers all the capabilities of the previous characters like Mystique. Using this, you can easily become invisible.

The Predator joins in Fortnite

The challenges will be available from today. We will all get to know about the complete list of challenges and the ultimate path for obtaining The Predator’s skin. Gather your team members together in order to fight The Predator once Fortnite makes fighting him very inevitable in the game. 

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It seriously feels fantastic to find out that characters apart from the ones in the comic books we read are also coming to live in Fortnite. Although The Predator does not have a huge fan base in the present times, it was a major hit during its time. So why not bring back the old times and the famous characters?

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