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Vaio Makes a Comeback Brings Two New Laptops in India, Available on Flipkart

Vaio makes a comeback into the Indian market with new laptops. Earlier, the company had a booming market for laptops in India. This time it returns with the latest E Series laptops. These laptops will be very lightweight and very easily portable. Vaio has planned two laptops- E15 and SE14 to launch in India and start growing its market again. Sony had earlier owned Vaio, but now it is an independent company. Vaio’s plan for the Indian market initially is the two extremely easy to carry laptops. If Vaio can play their cards right, they can surely build their fortune in the Indian market.

These laptops sport an FHD IPS screen and have Windows 10 home as the operating system. Both the laptops will already have Microsoft Office 365 installed on them. Regarding the audio setup, you will not be disappointed. There will be two powerful front-facing speakers providing Dolby audio and the added feature of Smart Amplification.

Vaio Aims to make its Fortune in the Indian Market again. Will they play their Cards Right this time?

Nexstgo Company, a Hong Kong-based company, brings Vaio back to India with an official contract made with Vaio Corporation’s headquarter in Japan. Flipkart will be involved in selling the said laptops online in India.

Let us get to know about the specifications of these new laptops

E15: Specifications

The E series was present earlier as well when Vaio was a subordinate branch of Sony. Vaio’s E15 will have AMD Ryzen 5 or the more powerful AMD Ryzen 7 as the portable processor. These laptops will also be GPU rich with either Radeon Vega 8 or Radeon RX Vega 10 GPU. The laptop will sport an FHD IPS screen of 15.6 inches in size with skinny bezels. Regarding the storage – there will be DDR4 RAM and a Solid State Device of 512 GB. Vaio E15 will have Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi and has USB 3.0, USB Type C port, and a Micro-HDMI with a 3.0 port for charging. The keyboard is a backlit one. The laptop will not cause a tremendous burden on your backs. It is 1.77kg in weight.

SE14: Specifications

Unlike Vaio’s E15, Vaio SE14 will be powered by Intel. It will have the Intel Core i5 with a DDR4 RAM of 8 GB. The other storage is a solid-state device of 512 GB. The laptop will have a small-scale water-resistant keyboard, which is in the style of an island. The computer has four speakers, a couple of them being front-facing and the rest down facing.
Regarding the ports, it is all the same with Vaio’s E15. The extra addition is the fingerprint sensor. Talking about the battery, Vaio’s SE14 supports fast charging. One entire charge can drive the laptop for 13 hours of continuous work.

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Vaio Laptops: Expected Price

Vaio E15 and SE14
Vaio E15 and SE14

The Vaio laptops will be sold via Flipkart in India. They will be available in several variants, with the starting price being Rs. 66,990 for Vaio E15. Vaio SE14 will cost you Rs. 84,690. The E15 comes in Tin Silver, and Ink Black variants of color. SE14 will have Red Cooper and Dark Grey variants.

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