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CES 2021 to Bring Some New Technology from LG, Samsung, TCL and More

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2021 has already started, and it is happening digitally due to the COVID19 pandemic situation. Like every year, many companies, namely Razer, LG, Samsung, and many others, showcasing their new products that have not yet been released. People watching the event are having a glimpse of what the tech industry could lead to in the near future.

CES 2021 bring its 51st edition in this pandemic scenario from the 11th of January to the 14th of January, with well organise virtual events. The events will not just be limited to new graphics cards and new tech but we have a flying car being introduced this year. Isn’t that some great news?

CES 2021 Brings Futuristic Goods a Step Closer.

Samsung goes all the more towards looking at the future as it is working on a Robot that can do a lot of household chores- pouring your wine in a glass, pick up your clothes, and get your dinner table ready. This robot will be named Bot Handy. Bot Handy will be AI programmed to identify the household objects lying around him.

The programming will be done in such a way that the robot knows how much should it apply while grabbing an item. This comes very handily while doing the laundry and while cleaning up the house.

LG also showcased its new product- a rollable phone. This phone will increase in length from the middle part. Many rumors were saying that LG is bluffing about the concept of the rollable phone. So LG shut these rumors up during CES 2021. The product is genuine, and a lot of work is being done in order to make the phone and the concept a big hit. LG promises to launch the phone in 2021 for the users.

TCL also came up with a rollable phone with a standard screen size of 6.7 inches, extending to 7.8 inches (size of a tablet). The increase in the size of the screen happens just with the tap of a finger. TCL also came up with wearable prototype glasses. It has two OLED 1080p small-sized screens.

Razer has come up with an amazing launch that is perfect for the COVID-19 scene. This launch is a reusable N95 mask named Project Hazel. They take the mask game to the next level with amplifiers and microphones. The mask is also lit up on the edges with rings.

For the people into gaming, Nvidia is bringing the GeForce RTX 30xx series in laptops. The RTX 3060, 3070, and 3080 will be placed in 70 different laptops from the starting of 2021.

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CES 2021
General Motors comes with a new concept.

General Motors have come up with a really unique concept: a flying car and an independent delivery van. The presentation on the flying vehicle showed the vehicle taking off and landing vertically. General Motors offers a great promise towards futuristic concept in cars. The car will hold one person at a time and travels at an incredible speed of 56 miles per hour. The path of the vehicle will be completely hassle-free, considering the rooftops and the urban locations.

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