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Will PUBG Mobile India be Available for Us Anytime Soon?

There is no sure news about the PUBG Mobile India Release Date. The developers have also not announced any particular date or any other updates. The Government has not decided whether it has any plans to remove the ban imposed on PUBG Corporation or Krafton Inc. Apart from PUBG Mobile, the Government of India also banned 118 other apps on the 2nd of September 2020. The Indian Government took this step due to some matters which involved privacy and security. PUBG had a huge market in India, and so the company came up with a new version, PUBG Mobile India, exclusive for the Indian audience.

PUBG Mobile India is being developed, keeping in mind the necessities of the Indian audience.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date: Any Updates?

Krafton Appoints New Country Manager to Bring back PUBG Mobile in India
PUBG Mobile India Release Date Update: Krafton Appoints New Country Manager to Bring back PUBG Mobile in India

According to the RTI registered by GemWire, the Department of Electronics and IT, it did not ‘ban’ access to the Nordic map of PUBG Mobile: Livik app under the terms of Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000. The Government has prevented admittance for a few specific applications.

MEITY is not into any kind of formal talks with PUBG Corp. right now and has no intentions of removing the ban. 

Aneesh Aravind has been appointed as the Country Manager for PUBG Mobile India. The company is hiring many employees to work on the game in India. 

PUBG Corp has made an Indian branch and is collaborating with Microsoft for the Azure services. The makers have also released a video with the popular PUBG players- Aaditya Sawant (popularly known as Dynamo), Chetan Chandgude( known as Kornten), and Jonathan Amaral. All these steps show that PUBG might soon make a comeback on our mobiles. 

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Other responses from the RTI also state that the Government has not given the go-ahead sign to the people for PUBG. Or even for PUBG to start launching its product in the market. The national Child Rights Association has also vouched against PUBG Mobile India. It wants proper laws to be imposed on the introduction of such games in the market.

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