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LAVIE MINI Gaming Pc/Console to Feature in CES 2021.

CES 2021 is knocking at the door, and right before that, Lenovo and NEC have come up with a new concept- a PC fit for the size of your pocket. The device is just a hybrid of a laptop, and a gaming console put together. This new product will be displayed during the event of CES 2021. 

If you are wondering what is the name of the device then here it is- LAVIE MINI. Another exciting fact about the compact pc is that it has a touch screen along with a controller and other accessories. 

LAVIE MINI- A mobile PC/Gaming device to appear on CES 2021. Will it launch in the markets soon? Or will this venture fade away like the previous ones?

LAVIE MINI: A Dream Come True for Many?

Hybrid of a PC and a console, that too, which is portable, is a serious game-changer. Several companies had showcased similar projects in CES events earlier. One major example is Alienware’s UFO showcased in the previous year’s event. The fact is that none of the showcased projects have landed in the market till now. Dell’s project seemed very promising but with no good results in the future. 

The same situation could also happen to the LAVIE MINI. Earlier, a few LAVIE products had launched but only in selected parts of China.


LAVIE MINI has added a controller to make gaming more comfortable, just like the Nintendo Switch. The controller can be used once we fold the PC’s keyboard and make space for it. There is no trackpad on the pc. For portability, the touch sensor has been introduced. Looks-wise it somehow resembles the old Blackberry.

LAVIE MINI: Availability of the Product and the Pocket Pinch

There is no particular news given by the company as to whether it will introduce the product in the market or not. Hence no price has been mentioned as of now for the product. The release date has not been declared yet. 

However, if the product lands in the market, it will be purchased by very selective customers in the early phase. This can be said by following the sale trends of Razer Edge and Nvidia Shield. Such products indeed do have a bright path ahead.

LAVIE MINI showcases a WUXGA touch screen of 8 inches and has a resolution count of 1920×1200 pixels.


The specs of the LAVIE MINI surely look very impressive.

There will be a WUXGA touch screen with a pixel count of 1920×1200. The size of the screen is 8 inches. The power-packed gaming console/pc is powered by Intel Core i7 11th gen. This will be a portable processor with Intel Iris Xe GPU. Storage would include- LPDDR4 RAM of 16GB and a Solid State Drive storage of up t0 256 GB. The pc will come with 16GB of LPDDR4 RAM along with up to 256GB of SSD storage.

LAVIE MINI: Keyboard

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There are Modern Standby and IR cameras associated with Windows Hello for logging in with no touch requirement. The laptop is very lightweight- 579 grams. The keyboard is also very impressive in appearance, with circular backlit keys. The logo of the LAVIE MINI is also well lit.

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