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Attack On Titan: What is So Special about Eren Yeager’s Titan? and How did Eren Become the Founding Titan?

There are 9 Ymir Titans we can see in the anime Attack On Titan. Yet, where are they currently? and how did the main protagonist of the series Eren Yeager has the power of the Founding Titan? If you are looking for the answer to these questions, you are at the right place.

The last season of Hajime Isayama’s Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 will be released soon, and after nearly a decade on the subject, the anime is bringing out its epic verdict. At this place, all of the Shifter Titans recalled as the Nine Titans have been uncovered, and hardly all of their capabilities were excavated.

Written by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is known as one of the most incredible anime series ever created in the action genre. Remembered for its warfare full and paradox replenished episode, the coming season 4 part 2 has buffs speculating about the climax of the favourite series.

This season will be the final and will probably represent the edge of the battle between Marley and Eldia.

Season 4 may further analyze the Nine Titan Powers passed down through the Eldian people.

Thereupon Ymir Fritz achieved the Titan powers; she vanished, and the superiority broke into nine titans, which could be switched.

The Nine Titans
The Nine Titans (credit: Hajime Isayama)

How were Ymir’s powers distributed as 9 Titan Forms? 

The 9 Titans were kept under control by the Eldian People, and their bloodline and powers have been passed through the century after the death of Ymir Fritz.

She was among the first people who had the Titans’ power, and she abused her Titan powers to bring prosperity and peace to Eldia and its people, whereas the rest of the world and Marley were burning in hell at that time.

Thirteen years later, after holding the power of the Founding Titan, she died, and her body was then forcibly cannibalized by Maria, Rose, and Sheena; as a result, the founding titan power was divided and later on, it was divided into 9 Titan power with Abilities so which is now known as 9 titans and their power.

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What is the “The Curse of Ymir”?

Ymir is the only one who lived for 13 years after withholding the power of the Founding Titan, and people say nobody from there on was able to live more than Ymir.

Everyone who had one of the nine power of the Titans had to die before 13 or complete this 13 years of a cycle, which is known as The Curse of Ymir.

How did Eren become the Founding Titan?

To answer that, you will have to know what happened at the start of the series was the wall Maria was breached.

In Eren’s flashback, we saw Eren was given an injection by his father, Grisha Yeager, where he told Eren.


So what happened is when Grisha Yeager was saved by Eren Krugar, also known as The Owl. The latter entrusted him with the power of his Attack Titan and told him to infiltrate the wall and get the Founding Titans’ power and start a family and pass it on to the next generation. 

Grisha Yeager then settles down in Sighanshina and starts a family with Carla Yeager, and they have a son Eren Yeager. During the breach of Wall Maria by the Colossal and the Armored Titan.

What is the Founding Titan? and What are the powers of Founding Titan?

Grisha vs Frieda
Grisha vs Frieda (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Grisha goes to the chapel, where the Reiss family is hiding. He told Frieda Reiss (she was holding the power of Founding Titan at that time) that she should save the wall from the attacks of the Marley.

Still, she didn’t listen to Grisha Yeager, so Grisha had no other option but to keep his promise to Owl, so he turned into his Titan Form. Both he and Frieda fought, and he defeated Freida later on. To get the Founding Titan’s power, he had to eat him and the remaining members of the Reiss Family. Only Rod managed to escape.

When Grisha returns to the city, he knows that his wife Carla has died eaten by the Abnormal Titan. And he now decides to give his power to his son Eren. So that’s why Eren had the ability of the Founding Titan, which is why he is special.

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Why did Grisha Didn’t End The Battle at that time?

After defeating Frieda, he was already exhausted, and apart from the mission he received from the Owl 13 years ago, and if you are already aware of the Curse of Ymir, he didn’t have much time to live.

So that is why he transferred his power to Eren by turning him into a Titan and then letting Eren eat his own father, Grisha, to inherit the power of the Attack and the Founding Titan. 

How did Attack Titan and Founding Titan Mixed? and How it was transferred to Eren? 

When Grisha fought with Frieda, Grisha already had Attack Titan’s power, which was given to him by the OWL.

After he defeats Frieda to get the founding titan’s power (or any titan’s power), a Titan must eat another Titan so that they can get the other Titan’s Spinal fluid. 

So after Grisha defeats Frieda’s Founding Titan, Grisha goes one step ahead and eats Frieda’s founding titan, and that’s how the two Titan’s power get mixed.  

It was transferred to Eren by Grisha, as after Grisha’s battle against Frieda’s Founding titan, he was utterly exhausted and also because he was in the final year of his Titan form. 

Because apart from Ymir, no other titan form had lived more than 13 years, that is known as Ymir’s curse. 

So Grisha decided that he would transfer all his powers(both founding and attack Titan’s powers) to Eren, and that’s when he injected Eren with Titan fluid, after which Eren turned into a mindless titan and ate his father, and that’s how he got the powers of both Attack and Founding Titan. 

What So Special About Eren Yeager’s Titan?

Eren Yeager's titan
Eren Yeager’s Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

As we rank the Titan’s power, Eren’s situation is nothing close to simple. So what’s so special about Eren? Does he have great powers or have drawbacks too?

His Titan anatomy has both Drawbacks and great potential too. So, Titan Eren Yeager falls, controls, naturally into the category of latter. So here’s a breakdown of the five best unique details About the anatomy of Titan Eren Yeager.

  • At Base, No unique abilities: In the attack on Titan’s world, nine Titans can be controlled by humans, and in the whole series, each Titan is characterized by specializations to tackle that. All characteristics of Titans are universal, with the most important one being the super regeneration- Eren Yeager lacks unique abilities of its own.


  • Two Titans: Why is Eren different from all other Titans? Because it is technically two titans. He has access to two titans instead of one. This is because his father, Grisha Yeager, Eren, has some powers of Founding Titan and full powers of Attack Titan.


  • Ability to get hardened: Some of the powers of Eren are Weird, as they seem contradictory on the first visit. At straight, Eren lacked any unique abilities in starting, but as the third season of anime returned, he got a special power due to serum possessed by the Reiss family. The serum helped Eren to harden its skin into a crystalline substance.


  • State of Feral: This trait is probably on the list in all human-controlled titans, but only Eren has contented this trait so far. This is also the lesser-explored trait of Titan anatomy.


  • Royal Blood Required for full utilization: Though Eren inherited the Founding Titan powers, he has to access his powers theoretically, too. Though he has access to his abilities, he cannot use his powers fully. As Eren lacks Royal blood, he cannot access incredible abilities under the normal circumstances of the Founding Titan. You can watch the whole series on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation with both the dubbed and Japanese Versions with English Subtitles. 

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What Does Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan Form look like? 

In Chapter 138 of Attack On Titan, we see Eren’s final Titan form; by that time, he already had Attack Titan, War Hammer Titan, Founding Titan and Ymir’s powers.

This was the god-level stage that Eren was in. His final Titan was of a twisted skeleton overlooking over his godly army of Wall Titans.

Plus, in this form, unlike other Titan power holders, he didn’t exist in Titan’s neck; instead, he was utterly immersed in Titan’s body; his human body was inside the Titan’s mouth.

And the Titan’s head was suspended from Titan’s throat and attached to a snake-like elonged spine.

Here is how he looked like in his final form.

Eren's final Titan Form
Eren’s final Titan Form (credit: Hajime Isayama)

What are the Titans form born by Ymir’s Founding Titan Power? 

Armored Titan

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Armored Titan has stiffened sheets over his physique, which is extremely tough to break. The Titan is smart like all the further Nine Titans, and also pushes swiftly and has an elevated point of strength.

The Armored Titan is now acquired by Reiner Braun, a fellow partner of Levi Squad, who assists Marley, and his purpose is to invade Eren and achieve the Titan powers he owns. He was prior glimpsed fleeing the Scout army after they retook Wall Maria.

Founding Titan

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Founding Titan is the most strong of all Titans and is just eligible to be wielded by somebody of Royal Eldia Blood. It can regulate humans and Titans by yelling, except for people of limited other Royal genealogies such as the Ackermans.

The Founding Titan is presently in ownership of Eren, who obtained it from Grisha. Grisha received it from wearing down Frieda Reiss, the final royal successor of the Founding Titan energy.

Back Eren is not of royal blood, he cannot solely regulate the power, but he can utilize it to some expanse, such as when he grasped the Titans in Shiniganshina.

Attack Titan

Eren Yeager's titan
Attack Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Attack Titan is recognized for often “struggling for the sovereignty of India” and is presently in the holding of Eren Jaeger. He inherited it from Grisha Jaeger, who, in the switch, had received it after washing away Eren Krueger.

The Attack Titan has enormous manual strength and combat power. Diverse from the further Titans, he possesses no unique or distinct mastery of his own but maintains read-up the hardening capacity with the usage of a rare serum.

Beast Titan

Beast Titan
Beast Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Beast Titan is distinctive, possessing an ape-like building and fuzz over its physique. It’s one of the massive Titans at 17m and is incredibly clever, capable apt to influence Titans to a huge expanse.

The Titan is presently in ownership of Zeke Jaeger, Grisha’s initial son, who is struggling for Marley to seize Eren and obtain supervision of his Titan Powers. However, his way is presently unfamiliar, and he is supposed to be on the Island.

Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan
Colossal Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The biggest Titan at 60m is the Colossal Titan, which possesses the strength to release vapour from its surface and recreate into a human fast as lightning.

Besides, when the possessor revises into this Titan, it can handle the blow that erupted, potentially utilizing it as an awful trick. The massive aspect of this Titan is its sheer height — it can straight overlook over the huge fences of Paradis Island.

The Colossal Titan capability is presently in holding of Armin, who received it after barely decreasing and wearing down Bertholdt. Armin is supposed to possess similar strengths as Bertholdt, though his Titan shape is eventually to be detected.

Female Titan

Female Titan
Female Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Female Titan is a creative Titan that can solidify parts of its surface to uphold itself during strikes. The energy is presently clasped by Annie Leonhart, a cadet who had nurtured with Eren and persuaded the MP Regiment.

Later fetching invaded, Annie wrapped herself in an indestructible diamond like a cocoon to prevent procuring cross-examined. She is presently in the holding of the Scout Regiment and is under continuous supervision.

Jaw( Ymir’s) Titan

Jaw( Ymir's) Titan
Jaw( Ymir’s) Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Ymir’s Titan is one of the most sensible Titans and amasses a huge portion of momentum and deftness. The recent holder of this Power is Ymir, another fellow cadet. She received it from dining Marcel, a colleague of Bertholdt, Annie, and Reiner’s.

It is unspecified where Ymir presently is, as she exited the prior notice, clearing out with Bertholdt and Reiner to flee the Scout squad. She was working for them to seize Eren and Historia.

Cart Titan

Cart Titan
Cart Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The largely bizarre of all the Titans, the Cart Titan possesses a quadrupedal habit, which is unusual to the Intelligent Titans. It behaves as a scout and donkey for the Beast Titan, and like it, can recite in its Titan Form.

It is unspecified which distinct strengths, if any, the Cart Titan retain or who possesses the Cart Titan Power, but it is possible somebody from Marley, as they are helping with Zeke, Reiner, and Bertholdt. Maybe season 4 will provide a backstory to this strange Titan.

The War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan
The War Hammer Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The War Hammer Titan is quite a paradox to anime onlookers. Till now, we recognize that it is clasped by somebody in the Tybur clan, but the anime has not disclosed who eventually.

We do anticipate that the War Hammer Titan was obtained in the intersection with King Fritz and the Tybur family to provoke a conflict, enabling a maximum of the Eldians to avoid Paradis Island with their King.

Before then, slight is noticed about its direction or powers, but the arriving episodes of the last season will ultimately offer some vision into the final of the Nine Shifter Titans.

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