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Ray Fisher Comes into Disagreement with WarnerMedia’s Investigation

It has been reported that Cyborg will not play a role in The Flash, an upcoming film. Ray Fisher says that he has not yet stepped down from the cast of Cyborg. 

There is news on social media that Ray Fisher is no longer playing the role of Cyborg. Ray Fisher denies such information completely, saying that he has not decided to step down and he believes this is being done to divert the attention from his accusations against Walter Hamada, head of DC Films. Walter Hamada was earlier reported to tamper with Justice League. WarnerMedia requests Ray Fisher to not think about this matter anymore and move ahead.

Cyborg no longer played by Ray Fisher?? Reports state a disagreement between WanerMedia and Ray Fisher. 

Ray Fisher
Who will be the new Cyborg then?

Ray Fisher had reported about the toxic nature of Joss Whedon, interim director of Justice League, in 2020. This was the time when this matter started. Fisher also accused Geoff Johns and Jon Berg as they did not stop this from happening while things were going wrong on the set. So an investigation was requested by the actor. 

While the investigations were going on, Ray Fisher was not at all happy with Hamada’s acts of tampering with the ongoing process. He took to social media and reported the incidents. 

As the Justice League’s work was over by December, it was thought that the matter was finally solved. But now, it seems that reality is not the same.

Ray Fisher
Witness Ray Fisher for the last time in Justice League

The news shows that Cyborg will no longer play a role in The Flash, and DCEU has no plans of recasting Cyborg. Fisher mentioned he had not left the role of Cyborg yet. He claims that DCEU takes this step to distract the people from the results of the ongoing investigation and Fisher’s other accusations. He also states that The Wrap is also involved in this.

WarnerMedia has come with a statement as a reply to the actor. WarnerMedia claims that they have full faith in the ongoing investigation and its results. An outside organization is carrying on this investigation.

Ray Fisher

WarnerMedia requests the actor not to get too involved in this and move on. Adding further details, WarnerMedia states that the investigation was held under the supervision of a former central judge. The number of people interviewed in this investigation is more than 80. WarnerMedia supports the decision and the results from the investigation and tells the actor to accept it as well. 

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Hamada’s contract with the DC films has been prolonged by three years and will last till 2023. Fisher might not appear as Cyborg anymore in the upcoming movies of the DC Universe. 

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