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Is Signal the New WhatsApp for the Entire World Now?

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A new war on social media has just started. The contenders are WhatsApp and Signal. Surprising, isn’t it? There came a recent update in WhatsApp regarding its privacy policy, and people are not at all happy with the term introduced. All the users are bound to agree to these terms, or their accounts will get deactivated. The wealthiest person worldwide, Elon Musk, recommends a smaller messaging application- Signal. This app also provides end to end encryption.

People are wholly disappointed with WhatsApp’s privacy policy and are shifting to other applications like Signal and Telegram, which also provide end to end encryption.

Elon Musk vouches for Signal.

The terms and conditions introduced by WhatsApp will start working on the 8th of February. Users who wish to agree to their privacy terms have to accept the update; otherwise, their accounts will automatically be removed.

The WhatsApp latest policy states:

“WhatsApp should obtain or gather data to work and provide better service to the users whenever they choose to download the application.”

Post this declaration from WhatsApp, Elon Musk vouched for using a smaller messaging application called Signal. Its privacy terms are better as compared to that of WhatsApp.

His Tweet reads:


Just after this tweet landed on the internet, Signal saw a large number of downloads. There were many people who were unhappy with the terms of WhatsApp and decided to shift to Signal.

Signal mentioned that they are facing some delays in verifying the new users because suddenly they are facing so many downloads and logins at the same time. The people in Signal are trying their best to solve these problems and provide the users with its best services. Once they are done with their technical such delays in verification will no longer exist.

Many people start downloading Signal after Elon Musk’s tweet.

The team from Signal also thanked the people who shifted from WhatsApp and downloaded their application.

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WhatsApp is facing severe criticism worldwide from many of its users on Facebook and Twitter.
Not only Elon Musk, but several users are also spreading the good word about Signal, saying that it is “the correct option.” The Signal Foundation is non-profitable, unlike Telegram and WhatsApp.

Telegram also had a large number of downloads, just like Signal post-WhatsApp’s policies.

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