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Ex-Arm Anime Is All Set To Release In This Month of January 2021

Ex-Arm is a Japanese animation series of science fiction genres, penned by HiRock and outlined by Shinya Komi. It’s a sequel of Komi’s former Ex-Vita manga. It was published in Shueisha’s manga magazine Grand Jump from February 2015 to December 2017, and then on Shōnen Jump+’s Shōnen website from December 2017 to June 2019.

Ex-Arm EXA is a prequel series manga that originated at Grand Jump Mucha in August 2019. And the adapted anime television series by Visual Flight is about to get premiered in January 2021.

The Expected Plot Summary:

Ex-Arm Anime Is All Set To Release In This Month of January 2021
Ex-Arm Anime Is All Set To Release In This Month of January 2021

The storyline follows that in 2014, the protagonist Akira Natsume was phobic of electrical devices but could repair and diagnose them nicely. He decided to change himself for the better and opt for a girlfriend like his older brother, but before he could start doing anything, he suddenly found himself in an accident and passed away.

After 16 years, that’s 2030, a police officer is known as Minami Uezono, and her partner Alma. They’re coming to a trading scene at Tokyo Port. They are trying to get an unknown weapon named EX-ARM: a highly advanced AI and superweapon and tried to retrieve and activate it b and were given full control of their ship as a last resort. It points out that the AI is really the brain of Akira.

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Ex-Arm Anime: New Visuals and Trailer

The major illustrations of the Ex-Arm manga were announced later this year by the anime team, together with the design of the official character designs.

“Main visual of ‘Ex-Arm’ is released. Drawn by Shinya-sensei, please look forward to the coming future!” –
English Translation, Twitter Translate.

We also expect to see a big supporting cast, but nothing as yet has been revealed. Though we know the original creator is Shinya Komi, who has drawn the key visuals, the official character designer of the anime hasn’t been revealed.

Ex-Arm Anime: The Release Date

It was announced that the 12th volume of the series was to be adapted to the anime and was expected to air in October 2020. Crunchyroll has been announced that the anime will be streamed as part of the Crunchyroll Original collection. One of the voice actors, Komatsu Mikako, tweeted about her part, announced that the series would air in the fall of 2020.

There is still some uncertainty about the broadcast period: some tweets said ‘July’ while others said ‘October.’

But as we know about the after-effects of the pandemic on the anime industry, there have been delays.

So,  now Ex-Arm Episode 1 will be released at 1:05 AM JST on Monday, 11 January 2021. Every Monday, the latest new episode of this Anime will get released.

Though nothing has been known about the cast and staff, the manga lovers are here to incite excitement about the franchise. It was a humorous manga, hooking up fans right from the start. Watch out for more updates!!

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