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Elon Musk Says WhatsApp is no Longer Safe for Users and People Should Look For New Alternatives

WhatsApp was once considered a “safe” messaging app with end to end encryption, and full privacy was offered. Now guess what, WhatsApp will be sharing all the users’ personal details with Facebook, which is its mother company. Personal information would include the user’s phone number and his/her contacts, locations, and many others.
It is mandatory for all the users of WhatsApp to agree with these privacy terms by the 8th of February. If not, their account will automatically get deactivated.

WhatsApp Users Being Forced to Share their Data with Facebook. Elon Musk Vouches for a New Alternative.

Elon Musk says to shift to Signal

Many users were very shocked by this step and made them delete their WhatsApp accounts and shift to Smaller messaging applications like Signal and Telegram, which also provides encryption.

Well, it seems that when it comes to privacy, Telegram and Signal have the upper hand at the moment.

After being reckoned as the richest man in the world, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk also vouched for using Signal instead of WhatsApp.

Elon Musk was earlier seen to criticize Facebook with a sarcastic meme. This meme showed that Facebook should take responsibility for the rebels who made an attack on the US Capitol this Wednesday.

In 2014, WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook. In 2016 we saw that it provided the users a one-time opportunity to opt-out of distributing personal application data with Facebook.

People shifting to Signal

There was no illumination on the fact as to why there came such changes in terms of privacy. The changes introduced by WhatsApp will not affect the users in the EU and UK.
A particular spokesman from WhatsApp said that,
There will be no alterations in WhatsApp’s data sharing policies in Europe and the UK from the newly introduced Service Terms and Privacy Policies. Hence any data from Europe and Uk will not reach Facebook via WhatsApp.

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Brian Acton and Jan Koum were the actual founders of WhatsApp, but they bid farewell to the company back in 2017 and 2018. Brian Acton opened up about his exit from the company. It was after his departure that there were talks of ads being introduced to WhatsApp. He is urging people to get rid of Facebook from their lives.

The fact that Koum also left the company was also besieged by rumors that Koum had come into some sort of arguments with the management.

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