GTA 6: Rumors Suggest a High Price and New Map Details

Last Updated on January 7, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

With the official release of Xbox Series X|S and PS5, there are some rumors of GTA 6 to launch on these consoles.

People can now feast their gaming endeavors with GTA 5 because getting hold of the details and release of GTA 6 will take some time. There are many rumors regarding its release date in the market, and the gamers are eagerly waiting for GTA’s next installment.

It has been announced that the making of Grand Theft Auto 6 is over, which makes everyone expect even more from the title.

GTA 6: Release date, Maps, and Other Details

A former insider from Rockstar, known as Tez2, had spread the rumor that the project of Bully 2 was dropped in 2017 to start working on GTA 6. It is always advisable to take rumors with a pinch of salt since there was no sure news from any forum. However, if these speculations turn out to be legit, then the game is in the making during this time, and we can wait for some formal announcements in 2021.

We all know that the next-gen consoles are way costlier than the previous ones. The new games that are being developed are for the latest consoles. Hence there will be a lot of new features in the upcoming games. So from the price point of view of the games, there will be an increase in the prices as well. The sixth installment is said to pinch your pockets a little more than $60.

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TypicalPoetry22, a Reddit user, commented that GTA 6 is getting censored by Rockstar in YouTube comments. In every new video published, Rockstar is bringing an end to the rumors related to GTA 6.

This can also be because Rockstar does not want any wrong information about the game being spread.

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GTA 6: Release date??

Rockstar plans to make GTA 5 run for ten years and then come up with GTA 6. So is the game going to come out in 2023? This fact makes total sense if we look into a few of the factors.

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GTA 6 will be coming in the next-gen consoles. So Rockstar would want these consoles to first spread in the market properly and then launch in the game. This would lead to some fantastic sales figures for the game.

GTA 5, to date, is a very well established game and brings in huge revenue for Rockstar. So planning the release for the next installment will be essential.

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