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Destiny 2: Weapons, Armors, Items, and Locations of Xur for January 2021 Revealed

There is a piece of good news for the Destiny 2 players- the temporary retailer Xur, who is known for selling unusual and legendary parts. Xur is known to make its appearance on Fridays.

However, Xur is challenging to find, and hence making so deals with Xur is not that easy. But luckily, there is confirmed news about the whereabouts of Xur in early January.

Destiny 2 Xur locations, armors, weapons, and other items are revealed for early January 2021.

Details of Xur

For all the beginners playing Destiny 2, if you all require more details about Xur: one thing that you must keep in mind that the character is neither too complex nor threatening, and Xur is supposed to help you in the game by selling weapons, armor, and other items. These things can be purchased only by exchanging Legendary shards (remains of the powerful items).

Destiny 2 Xur
Destiny 2 Xur Location

Xur pays a weekly visit to the solar system with a bagful of items. There are fascinating weapons and armor for each and every character in the game. Players find it very difficult to find Xur because of the large area that Xur has to cover. Xur also allows unlocking the latest features and redeeming exotic artillery.

The present location of Xur is Nessus at Watcher Grave in the tree. He will make a public appearance in any of the four worlds: Titan, European Dead Zone, IO, or the Tower or Nessus. Players having problems with tracking Xur can logout and then login again.

Details on Items sold by Xur

Here is a list of the items-

1. Merciless

29 Legendary Shards can buy you Merciless, which is a fascinating fusion rifle. After the gun hits, the players will see an explosion. Merciless can prove to be an advantageous option while raiding and PvE. Many gamers would be very excited about purchasing this particular Rifle.

2. One-Eyed Mask

The next item on the list is One-Eyed Mask, a unique Titan Helmet which will cost 23 Legendary Shards. This item holds significance while marking enemies when they face injury. This feature is referred to as Vengeance. On killing more enemies, additional damage and protective over-shield are granted.

3. Astrocyte Verse

The second helmet on the list is Astrocyte Verse. Its unique feature is that it provides extra blink time, a lengthier distance for traveling, and decreasing of the aim downtime of sight, which can be returned for 23 Legendary Shards. The Astrocyte Verse, however, is not that easy to use.

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4. The Bombardiers

One another armor for the leg is The Bombardiers. It is a unique hunter armor for the leg, which is available for 23 Legendary Shards. It can leave a bomb on the floor when the player initiates the ability of the hunter. This piece of armor does not require a lot of skill and is very easy to find out.

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