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Awesome Games Done Quick presents an online event with some rigorous gameplays

2021, a new year and new times ahead of us, bring new things in its timeline. We will escort out a few of the older measures and bring forward some further steps. With the new year’s incoming, the Awesome Games Done Quick have also returned in the gaming community. Thus there will be seven days of great action, where the best gamers get engaged in the best-rated games. The entire thing happens in front of a global audience on the platform, Twitch. We can expect things to be different from what they were before.

Awesome Games Done Quick won’t be appearing from its regular venue. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of the live event. However, the event will happen online. The aim of the online event will remain similar to the events happening before. This year Awesome Games Done Quick is raising funds for Prevent Cancer Foundation.

2021 brings an online event for Awesome Games Done Quick for gathering funds for Prevent Cancer Foundation

Awesome Games Done Quick
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Here’s a full list for the first day.

Awesome Games Done Quick
Awesome Games Done Quick- Day 1 events (via SHACKNEWS)

10:03 AM – Donkey Kong Country

The Donkey Kong Country series shows some significant glitches or some great skips at the Awesome Games Done Quick event. The first installment of DKC has loads of shortcuts in many stages. During this race, Eazinn and DadLovesBeer will run towards the finish line without utilizing the skips. This game will be a significant attraction at the event.

4:50 PM – Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing had featured in the Awesome Games Done Quick event sometime back. For the people who have no idea about the game- Diddy Kong Racing is a racing game, very evident from its name. This game can be played on Nintendo. This racing game is focused on the adventure of a single player. The player holding the current world record, Obiyo, will showcase the entire game. The time recorded in the world record is 1:52:00, but Obiyo is aiming for 1:45:24 in this year’s event.

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11:25 PM – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots are among the series’s most challenging games. It was first launched on PlayStation 3, and this game remained the console’s signature gaming title. The Boss Extreme will try to make the game much more challenging than it is actually. Jaguar King will aim to get over with it in 2:05:00. Sit with a tub full of finger food and enjoy the night with such games on display.

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