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January 2021 brings you the tasks and rewards for Pokemon Go: Field Research

2020 bid us farewell a couple of days ago, and we are delighted that the haunting events happening now and then might come to an end. But will these things really end? People have high hopes for 2021. However, this year does not guarantee us a better time than the previous year.

Although people into Pokemon Go- Pokemon Go Trainers will have an exciting first month of the year with loads of events to participate in. January comes packed for the trainers of Pokemon Go: Field Research.

Like it was mentioned earlier, the new year’s enlightenment is really very encouraging and exciting. There has been an inclusion of many Legendary Raids and along with that Mega Bosses. Now, if you go out for raids, Shiny Ho-Oh will be available. On the 5th, we will see Genesect with Burn Drive. On the 12th, there will Heatran. On the 19th, we will get to see Kyogre and Groudon, and finally, there will be a surprise on the 26th of the month.

These were just the amazing raids that have been planned for the month of January. Continue reading to know about the Pokemon Go: Field Research tasks and awards.

Here’s a list of all the Pokemon Go Field Research 2021 tasks to be done and the rewards offered for that.

The tasks and rewards are here:

Throwing tasks

  • The player has to make 5 Nice throws – Voltorb (S)
  • The player has to make three Great throws – Gastly (S), Lileep (S), Anorith (S)
  • The player has to make three Great throws one after another in a row – Onix (S)
  • The player has to make 5 Great Curveball throws in a row – Spinda #1 (S)
  • The player has to make three Excellent throws one after the other in a row – Gible (S)

Catching tasks

  • The player has to catch ten Pokémon – Magikarp (S)
  • The player has to catch a Dragon-type Pokémon – Dratini (S)
  • The player has to catch 5 Pokémon with weather boost – Vulpix (S), Poliwag (S), Swinub (S)
  • The player has to use 5 Berries to help catch Pokémon – Makuhita (S)

Buddy/Friendship tasks

  • The player has to give his Buddy three treats – Meditite (S)
  • The player has to earn 5 Hearts with his Buddy – Lillipup (S)
  • The player has to send 3 Gifts to friends – Jigglypuff (S)
  • The player has to trade a Pokémon – Seadra

Battling Tasks

  • The player has to Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts – Scyther (S)
  • The player has to Win a level 3 or higher raid – Omanyte (S), Kabuto (S)
  • The player has to Win a raid – Litwick
  • The player has to Win 5 raids – Aerodactyl (S)

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Misc tasks

  • The player has to Hatch an Egg – Marill (S)
  • The player has to Evolve a Pokémon – Eevee (S), Exeggutor (S)
  • The player has to Power up Pokémon 5 times – Bulbasaur (S), Charmander (S), Squirtle (S)

Research breakthrough

  • Chansey (S)
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