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Fortnite New Year Event Leaks about The New Battle Pass For 2021
Fortnite New Year Event Leaks about The New Battle Pass For 2021

Fortnite New Year Event Leaks about The New Battle Pass For 2021

Fortnite can be considered as one of the greatest games that are being played by the world, even in the present day. Although it has received a lot of backlash and criticisms, it is one of the few games that has been able to maintain its position from 2017. The game is still available on several streaming platforms, where the viewing records are always in the lead. Fortnite is also the only game that contains a lot of celebrities as well as several other characters.

The popularity of the game is so huge that it is successful in holding virtual in-game concerts along with celebrities such as Travis Scott and Marshmallow. Fortnite has got a reputation for holding the greatest in-game events. Since their effect is so largely spread, it is a huge question that what are they up to after 2020.

It is expected that Epic Games will release quite a set of games after the end of 2020. Although the games are new, they are supposed to have the 2019 touch in them. Social media is filled with videos that suggest the plans of Epic Games.


The videos show mostly celebrations along with firecrackers in the beginning. It basically shows the change in things is natural. Just after 31st December, gamers will be able to view the videos.

A successful surprise can be guessed from Fortnite this time as well. The game developers are supposed to deliver amazing dance performances along with catchy music. Famous celebrities will be selected for sure once again. Thus, a proper party is expected for all the Fortnite lovers over the year beginning.

Kratos and Master Chief, the two popular characters, are once again added to the game along with other favorable characters. The mentioned two characters can be considered as the two greatest characters that are available in PlayStation and Xbox.

The game Fortnite B, created by Epic Games, is a third-person game that falls under the category of shooting and action. It has got several modes such as Fortnite Creative, Fortnite: Save the World, and most importantly, The Battle Royale.

The newly established game, Fortnite Battle Pass, is an addition to Fortnite Battle Royale as a brick in the wall. In the game, players are supposed to build forts and contraception in order to protect the protagonist from the attacks of the enemies. The game contains a lot of attractive images and cartoon-like graphics, which makes it fall under every gamer’s wishlist.

Thus, the fans of Fortnite will have an exciting new year since they have such an amazing gift from Epic Games.

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