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Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077: Killing in the Name Quest Guide

Are you wondering where to find the clues during the Killing in the Name quest in Cyberpunk 2077? It’s not often noticeable where you prefer to reach for specific missions as the accurate tags may simply lead you to the common area. If you’re getting at yourself puzzled during the Killing in the Name side quest, then you’re not lonesome.

Some tiny spoilers hereafter, so with that in a sense, browse on to find out where to search for clues and how to finish off the Cyberpunk 2077 Killing in the Name quest.

Cyberpunk 2077 Killing in the Name quest guide for clues

As some aspects, you’ll require to do to be worthy of turning on the Killing in the Name quest. You’ll expect to have finalized the A Like Supreme aspect duty and have obtained up a string of letters from a man named Swedenborg-Riviera. The last statement should have a connection to a website, and you’ll be eligible to enter this from the computer in your suite.

Also, moreover worth pointing out that this quest can be flawed and not allow you to jack in or break the router at several levels, so it’s worth creating a manual recoup before you start.

Cyberpunk 2077: Killing in the Name
Cyberpunk 2077: Killing in the Name (via CD Projekt Red)


  1. Connect on the ‘Net’ tab and enter the Bartmoss Collective and tap on ‘Read more’ to fulfill the first purpose. You should directly be worthy of contacting Nancy (Bes Isis), and she’ll lend you a signal origin direction to look into. When you reach there, the factual will alter to ‘scan for clues,’ which is where stuff fetch a slight vague.
  2. This doesn’t look like anything notable in the primary area, so peek for notches on the extent of the tower to the right here and upgrade to the base beneath the extreme roof. You’ll require to hop over a bar here, and you should get at a router on the side next to a window. Analyze it, and you should be eligible to jack into it. If you don’t have to alter the possibility, try spoofing. It might be an assumption to switch off your cyberdeck if you’re not lucking enough.
  3. When you’ve fulfilled that, you’ll get a letter, so scan that, and Johnny will come up. Heed to what he has to mumble, then lead to the next clue reference found in Badlands. You’ll get an RV placed after some solar boards, and if you rise the ladder on that wall, you’ll uncover another one router. Whether jack into or spoof this one and scan the following letter and listen to Johnny when he comes up again.

The following indication clue is again discovered in the Badlands. Lead to the sign on the map below, and you’ll reveal a clue with a big number ‘1’ on it. Borrow the ladders to lift to the extreme height, and you’ll get here another router, just below the Technica clue. When this one is performed, you have to hack sever or jacked into, browse your letters, and hear to Johnny again.

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The final indication direction is uncovered in Pacifica in the direction indicated in the map below. When you come there, Johnny will generate shortly, and you’ll have to attend to him. Currently, you should lead the way to the mission area indicated, and you’ll reveal a Fortuneteller clue and heed to what it’s notifying. Hear to Johnny more when he comes up, and you’ll currently have the option to listen to your prosperity, even though this stage isn’t needed.

Following, check out the fortuneteller clue to discover the router on its side. Spoof or jack into this router and scan the letter when you get it. Attend to Johnny then, and you’ll be introduced with a pair of options:

Attend to Johnny and select, “Chill. Not gonna be damage your fun.” You’ll therefore expect to phone Nancy and notify her that you have no recent data.

Attach to the router and ‘Disconnect from Net.’ Call and tell Nancy, Not exactly.

The selection here is all upon you. The initial choice will make Johnny glad, but you won’t receive any Eurodollars as a gift. The next choice brings in you 3960 Eurodollars but at the price of bothering Johnny.

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