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The iPhone 12 became the Most Powerful and Top Selling 5G Phone Within Two Weeks of its Launch.
The iPhone 12 became the Most Powerful and Top Selling 5G Phone Within Two Weeks of its Launch.

The iPhone 12 became the Most Powerful and Top Selling 5G Phone Within Two Weeks of its Launch.

Today we have brought to you some tech info for iPhone fans!! It’s about the iPhone 12 and all the possible details about it. The Apple new iPhone 12 version was released on 13 October 2020.

iPhone 12, which was one of four new iPhone models that were launched in October 2020, is reportedly the most significant phone of 2020. From sources like data released by research firm Counterpoint, the iPhone 12 became the world’s best-selling ‘5G’ phone within two weeks of its launch. 

With an impressive 6.10 touchscreen display, the available variants are Black, Green, Red, Blue, and White colors which start at a price of Rs. 79,900. 

iPhone 12: Key Features: 

Now let’s look into the detailed specifications of the most favorite phone:

  • 6.10-inch display and 1170×2532 pixels resolution
  • The dual-camera setup on the rear with awesome features like autofocus, paranomical, and many more
  • The megapixel of the front camera is 12 MP
  • It Runs iOS 14
  • This model has 64GB of inbuilt storage
  • Talking about dimensions of the iPhone are 146.70 mm x 71.50 mm x 7.40 mm; weight is 164 grams
  • Color Variants includes Green, Black, Red, Blue, and White

In India and the US, iPhone 12 Price:

The 64GB comes in Rs. 79900,128GB in Rs.84900, and 256GB in Rs.94900. 

In US,the prices are $799,$849,$949 respectively.

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iPhone 12: Market Details

iPhone 12
The iPhone 12 became the Most Powerful and Top Selling 5G Phone Within Two Weeks of its Launch.

Though the iPhone 12 was launched late and got a late start, it did little to offset Apple’s first stint with 5Gand it secured a second position closely. The iPhone 12 (with 16% market share) and iPhone 12 Pro (with 8% market share) secured “close to one-fourth of the total 5G smartphone sales in October.” jointly. It made Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G–which was the top-selling 5G phone in September, slip to the third position with a 4% market share in October.

The investors’ concerns amidst the pandemic, followed by a steep 25% fall in revenue during the fiscal fourth quarter, was thwarted by Apple, possibly because the iPhone twelfth series had strong demand in China.

Despite the ongoing Pandemic of COVID-19, Apple is in the midst of our most prolific product introduction period ever, and the early response to all our new products, led by our first 5G-enabled iPhone line-up, has been tremendously positive,” CEO Tim Cook had said during the last earnings call.

Other Details

The iPhone 12’s popularity is something Counterpoint data highlights and is also good news for 5G. The twelfth series is said to “unlock” or make the users experience the true essence or potential of 5G since to say in tech terms, it can tap into the Millimeter-wave–mmWave–spectrum. The only drawback is, mmWave infrastructure is scarce, which means there are few inaccessible points. The iPhone 12 is not the only mmWave-ready model in the market, but already it has already urged the operators to improve and start deploying required machinery, to speak figuratively. 


According to users, it is considerably smaller in all dimensions, especially thickness, and also quite a bit lighter. In all the experiences, chatting, playing sports, shooting videos, or even just scrolling through endless streams, the iPhone 12 is an overall upgrade.

One-handed use isn’t much of a concern, as luckily the rear glass panel isn’t slippery. The critic’s rating is 4.5/5. The display is bright and crisp. Colors really pop in HDR videos giving them a great look, and this is one of the key areas in which the Apple twelfth series is a significant upgrade over its predecessors.

According to Counterpoint data,24% of all the phones sold globally in October were 5G phones and the penetration of mmWave capable smartphones was up by 7% because of positive response for this twelfth series. So 5G is going to be more mainstream now and Counterpoint expects that 12-series demands will go strong through Q4 2020! Stay tuned for more!!

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