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Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Gets A 2023 Theater Premiere Date
Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Gets A 2023 Theater Premiere Date

Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Gets A 2023 Theater Premiere Date

Today we will talk about the film Mad Max Curiosa and updates about its prequel for the fans who are waiting for the info! 

But before that, let’s look into the basic details of it. Furiosa is the fifth installment in the Mad Max franchise. A direct spin-off of Mad Max: Fury Road, it is a prequel focused on a younger version of the Imperator Furiosa character, which will be portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy. The film also stars Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. 

George Miller is the co-writer of the film alongside Nico Lathouris and is working on directing it. He is producing it with his longtime producing partner, Doug Mitchell.

Mad Max Curiosa: About the character

The film will center on young Imperator Furiosa before her encounter with Max Rockatansky. She is one of the two protagonists and is a war captain under Immortal Joe, but she turns against him in order to free his concubines, or “breeders.”

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Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Release Date Delayed

Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Release Date Delayed
Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Release Date Delayed

The film Mad Max Furiosa Prequel has been set to have a 2023 theatrical release date by Warner Bros., And it is a great comeback for The Mad Max franchise after 2015 when Mad Max: Fury Road was released. 

The fans are about to experience a spectacular action film, introducing Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, along with the return of George Miller behind the lens!  The actress’ stood out in her role in such a way that discussions of a Furiosa solo film were on with Miller, in addition to a true sequel.

The status of the Furiosa film was held up for years in spite of the acclaim that Mad Max: Fury Road received, finally starting to make big strides from earlier this year. Revelations about The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy about playing Furiosa were made after links of Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer were made to play the role. The successful cast has led Warner Bros. to give the Mad Max prequel an official release date!

The film has been declared to be released in theatres and not an exclusive one as HBO Max release by the studio. On the condition that this release date remains fixed, Furiosa is to arrive exactly eight years after Mad Max: Fury Road’s release.

 Mad Max Furiosa: Other Details

The confirmation of the theatrical release of  Furiosa in 2023 comes on the heels of Warner Bros., as they moved forward with their plan of a same-day release on HBO Max, along with theatre, for every 2021 movie. WB was the only major studio to release the anticipated blockbuster – Christopher Nolan’s Tenet – during COVID-19.

The response of Tenet not being up to the mark of expectations, also partly because of theatres struggling to open properly and run shows, there were apprehensions that WB might be focusing (or maybe changing their strategy permanently) more on an HBO Max release. Even though Furiosa is almost declared by the studio to receive a proper theatrical release, it doesn’t imply simultaneous streaming is not possible. 

 But as COVID-19 should be over in some time, theaters must be back to proper strength for Furiosa’s release.

Mad Max Furiosa: Filming and Business

Whatever be the case, the 2023 release is another important step for Furiosa. Though the date is really far-off and late, and it suggests that most blockbusters wouldn’t require starting production until the summer of 2022, it won’t surprise us if the filming for the prequel starts much early by Miller because the production and filming process for Mad Max: Fury Road was extremely complicated and long. If Miller has plans of the usual spiraling and complications of Fury Road to apply in Furiosa, too, then it gives him plenty of the needed time for a 2023 release.

And following the business of  Fury Road, which was over $375 million worldwide, Furiosa is also expected to run just as the same, and there will be an expectation for Furiosa to run just as the same, especially with its talented leading trio. As far as the ratings are concerned, Fury Road enjoys 8.1/10 ratings! Stay tuned with us for more updates!!

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