The Silent Hill Creator 'Bokeh Games Studio's' New Game will be a Horror Action-Adventure Game
The Silent Hill Creator 'Bokeh Games Studio's' New Game will be a Horror Action-Adventure Game

The Silent Hill Creator ‘Bokeh Games Studio’s’ New Game will be a Horror Action-Adventure Game

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There’s a lot been going on in the gaming industry. Keiichiro Toyama is one of the original creators of the famous Silent Hill series. Earlier this year, he left company Japan Sony where he had been working for a very long time. He, with other members made this very surprising move and left Japan Sony to create a gaming company called Bokeh Games Studio’. According to sources, there have been some leaks on what they are making, but surely we will not be able to see it very soon.

According to some sources, the company Bokeh games is working on a new horror game. The company has decided to release the game on as many platforms as possible, but PC will be the main platform for the game. When the studio announced the work they are doing, the artwork in the image looked horror-themed. So, it was pretty expected that the theme could be horror.

Bokeh Games Studio: What’s the game status?

Bokeh games studio
Bokeh games studio

Currently, according to the sources, it is revealed that the game is only in its early making stage. So it is clear that we cannot provide details of the game for another 2 years or so. It will be a while before we can see any details about the game. The title of the game is also not known till now. The company said the target to release the game was in 2023. Therefore the platforms of the game can be changed according to the coming time.

For horror fans, there’s a lot to look forward to with Bokeh studio’s games coming in 2023 and with The Callisto Protocol to release in 2022.

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Bokeh Games Studio: What else to know?

As it is the first game of Bokeh’s studio, the studio promised to create a new Twitter and Instagram account and share the peeks from the studio about the game’s development and progress.

One of the tweets said

” When we worked at a major studio like Japan Studio, it is pretty hard to share everything publicly. But now we are independent and we’ll be able to share as much progress publicly to everyone as we can. It will help the audience understand how games are created over time.”

The new game is being developed by a very tremendous team. It will nearly take 3 years for the game to be fully developed. Due to the Covid pandemic, it is pretty hard to create games and work together. So, a pandemic will delay the release of the game too.

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