KFC's new venture: KFConsole, Bucked Shaped Gaming PC Plus Chicken Warmer

KFC’s new venture: KFConsole, Bucked Shaped Gaming PC Plus Chicken Warmer

Last Updated on December 24, 2020 by Amrit Chatterjee

KFC and Cooler Master have come up with a gaming PC, which looks similar to that of a bucket, and it also heats chicken. This is something that is really unexpected for any gamer or normal person, for that matter. However, this was supposed to happen after KFC’s alleged stunt on Twitter as a part of their marketing campaign for the “KFConsole” gaming PC right at the beginning of this year.

This is essentially a Cooler Master PC with KFC’s brand attached to its body, to be honest. Hopefully, it is an original design since no other similar designs are available right now on their official website. It highlights a black and red coating, but if it would have been narrow at the rear like an original KFC bucket, then that would have looked really amazing.

KFConsole brought in by the Cooler Master is working on Intel Nuc9 Extreme Compute Element.

KFConsole: All Updates

Whenever the KFConsole is developed, it will be a very responsive and fast machine since it is backed by the Intel Nuc9 Extreme Compute Element renowned as the master of the gaming PCs in the smaller segment.

The GPU segment has a hot-swappable NVIDIA GPU, and for CPU, it uses Intel(though Cooler Master didn’t mention which one), and for storage, it is accompanied by a 1TB Seagate NVME SSD. Cooler Master says that the console is VR ready. Not only does it support ray tracing, but it can also create wonders with 4K TV gaming and provide frame rates up to 240 fps.

KFC into gaming with KFConsole
KFConsole: Play and Eat

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Apart from all the specs related to gaming, the major eye-catcher is the chicken warmer? It is actually a grease tray. It is very normal for gaming PCs and consoles to get heated up while running. This unique cooking space actually uses this heat to heat up a maximum of two wings using natural heat and airflow from the vents. There are no heads up on whether the fumes from the chicken escape or not because if it doesn’t, it will cause some severe problems to the machine later on.

This new gaming booster machine now includes a great list of food and drinks along with the big crossover with Bud Light, which puts a projector inside a “six-pack.” There is no news on when or whether this machine will reach the market. However, this machine is going to pinch your pockets quite a lot. This will cost $3,100, so the person who buys it really has to be very fond of fried chicken trolls to buy one.