Platinum End: Release Date, Storyline and All You Need to Know

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Do you enjoy watching an anime series in Japan? If you do, add Platinum End anime series to your must-watch anime series chart. That’s right, The anime adaptation of the Platinum End has been confirmed.

Today we will present all updates about this anime, for which fans are eager!! But to start, let’s look into the basics of anime. It is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Obha, and the illustrator is Takeshi Obata. It was released in Shueisha’s monthly magazine, Jump Square.

Fans are incredibly excited as they’ve been waiting for this supernatural mystery series to turn into an anime version for a long time. If you are interested to know more about its release and what to expect from the storyline, then I suggest that you continue reading the post. We’ve compiled all the new updates just to keep you tuned!

Platinum End Anime Details

Signal M.D adapts platinum End Anime. The director of this is Hideya Takahashi, who is famous for his work in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind and Strike Witches: Road to Berlin. Character creation is rendered by the Kōji Ōdate no date of No Game No Life.

Death Note Anime Series

Shinichi Inotsume took care of the series composition, and he is well known for his work in PERSONA 5 the Animation. Studio Kusanagi managed the art of the anime. The Platinum End Anime CGI Director is Masanori Ikeda, while Takatoshi from Magic Capsule directed the sound.

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Storyline Of Anime

The storyline is about the rescue of Mirai Kakehashi after he committed suicide; by his guardian angel, Nasse. Mirai took such a step because of his abusive uncle and aunt, but he later found out how they were responsible for his parent’s deaths from Nasse.

She bestows special powers on him as he is one of the 13 ones chosen by various angels to take on God’s role.

Platinum End Anime Release Date

The manga is still going on, and it is about to release its latest chapter on January 6th, 2021. But what’s more important is that Platinum End anime adaptation has received confirmation!! The eagerly awaited supernatural thriller is finally coming taking the form of an anime series.

The craze among the fans is real!! Because this will make their 2021 totally lit and happening!!

This Anime is very similar to its predecessor, Death Note, as they are from the same makers. The former is a supernatural thriller manga.

It is rated 18+ because of its showing partial nudity and bloody scenes. This Anime is about to release in October 2021. But till now, the particular date hasn’t been decided for Platinum End Anime Adaptation.

Platinum End: What to Expect?

Fans of the manga can be sure enough to witness back those bloody scenes coming to life in the Platinum End Anime Adaptation. Regarding the nudity, most of it is going to be deleted, or maybe an uncensored version might air on different websites.

They will definitely try to follow in the footsteps of its success because Death Note was a mega-hit. This will help them attain a higher fan following, which ultimately implies a higher profit.

Though the supernatural thriller is a rather unpopular genre because only the smart get their interests in it, it’s obvious that the Platinum End Anime Adaptation won’t cater to everyone’s interests. It will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The plot is expected to be quite similar to its source since the Death Note creators are directly involved with the anime adaptation. Stay updated for more information!

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