One Piece Chapter 1000

One Piece Chapter 1000 Spoilers Reveals Luffy and Crew Gearing Up to Face Kaido

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Today we will discuss the details of One Piece Chapter 1000 as it’s soon to release, and spoilers have started flooding the internet. It’s a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It is serialized in Shueisha’s magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump right from July 1997.

It has been one of the most successful, followed, and longest-running manga series in the world, and that’s why the craze and excitement of fans remain as it has been ever. Here we provide you with a full breakdown of the release date and time for chapter 1000 and a brief look at the spoilers that have already started coming up.

One Piece Chapter 1000 Release Date: When will it come out?

One Piece Chapter 1000

Right from the time of writing, One Piece chapter 1000 is scheduled to get released on Sunday, January 3rd, 2020. This is according to the chapter’s official release schedule, which is given in the Shonen Jump section of Viz Media.

One Piece Chapter 1000: Release Time

One Piece chapter 1000 is expected to be released at midnight JST.

We can expect the English translation to be at the following times for international audiences if this release date is found to be correct:

  • Pacific Time: 9 a.m. Sunday, 3 January 
  • Central Time: 11 a.m. Sunday, 3 January 
  • Eastern Time: Sunday noon, January 3rd 
  • British Time: 5 p.m. Sunday, January 3rd

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One Piece Chapter 1000 Spoilers: What will happen in Chapter 1000?

As far as the information is acquired, One Piece Chapter 1000 is supposed to demonstrate that Luffy had reached the roof where the war between the Nine Red Scabbards—Kinemon, Raizo, Denjiro, Ashura Doji, Izo, Kiku, Inuarashi, Kawamatsu Kappa, and Nekomamushi and Emperor Kaido had taken place. And that Luffy could no longer fight alongside the Nine Red Scabbards because they had been defeated by the hands of the strongest creature in the world.

On the basis of the spoilers we come to know, the Straw Hat Pirates captain is to be joined by Zoro, Law, Kid, and Killer in his highly-awaited faceoff against Emperor Kaido and Emperor Big Mom. However, it is not mentioned how Law, Kid, and Killer reach the rooftop.

One Piece Chapter 1000 Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1000

Spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1000 reveal that Zoro will manage to arrive at the battleground with the help of former Whitebeard Pirates first-division commander Marco the Phoenix. Marco will throw Zoro to the rooftop and tackle the two Calamities all by himself before Queen the Plague and King the Wildfire stops them.

And before the battle between the members of the Worst Generation and two Emperors of the Sea starts off, Law will use his devil fruit ability to bring the Nine Red Scabbards to a safe location.

Synopsis Of The One Piece Series

One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young man inspired by his childhood hero and strong pirate ‘Red-Haired’ Shanks, who set out on a quest from the East Blue Sea to find the treasure and crown himself King of the Pirates.

In his attempts to assemble his own crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy rescues and befriends a swordsman named Rorono Zoro, and they head off in search of the One Piece. It’s important to look into the reception of the series, which is impressive.

One Piece is the best-selling manga series in history, with 470 million copies in print worldwide and quite obvious. The next chapter of One Piece will be a milestone accomplishment for the book, hitting an unprecedented 1000th edition.

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