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Boruto Chapter 53 spoilers

Boruto Chapter 53 Out Now: Spoilers Hints at Boruto and Kawaki’s Current Situation

Today we will be talking about Boruto chapter 53 and the available details we have about it. So Boruto Chapter 53 spoilers are finally out, and it finishes off the battle between Naruto – Isshiki with an amazing twist. 

The threat of Otsutsuki is taken care of, and everything seems to be fine for the ninjas. But the manga chapter ends on a massive cliffhanger, which is Boruto getting too emotional about his father in Boruto 53 chapter and lets Momoshiki, in an attempt to stop Isshiki, takes over.

With the impending chapter on the horizon, here are all the recent updates we have gathered.

Boruto Chapter 53: What we know so far?

Boruto Chapter 53 release date
Boruto Chapter 53: Kawaki vs. Boruto

“That’s Reality” is the 53rd Chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. Its creator/supervisor is Masashi Kishimoto, and the art is by Mikio Ikemoto. In contrast to his plan, Boroshiki (Boruto + Momoshiki) stabs Sasuke in his eyes and removes his rinnegan.

This hints that the future timeline shown in the first chapter of Boruto is not as it looks like as everybody may be wrong about the fight between Boruto and Kawaki.

Here we present you more about ‘Boruto Chapter 53 spoilers and the way it hints that Boruto and Kawaki in the future might be fighting for a different cause.

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Boruto vs Kawaki Fight in Boruto Chapter 1 isn’t what it looks like

The Boruto Chapter 53 spoilers show that the manga ends on a cliffhanger. Boruto turns evil after Momoshiki takes control. The general theory is that Kawaki was marked by the karma seal from Isshiki and, turning evil, destroys the Konoha village with Borut being the last person standing. Boruto vs. Kawaki fight is being teased at the beginning of Boruto Chapter 1. And they all assumed their good & evil identities, but what if we were all wrong.

Kawaki has shown in the 53rd chapter that he respects Naruto as a teacher and is willing to die for him. He even learned shadow clone Jutsu from the Hokage. But what if things take another turn with Boruto turning evil and destroying the village of Konoha and the statue of Naruto’s Hokage?

There are still some flaws in the theory, but nothing is impossible at this point as karma switches and Otsutsuki takes over. Spoilers of Boruto Chapter 53 have at least given proof that Boruto has turned evil and Sasuke is in danger for sure.

Boruto Chapter 53 Spoilers and Manga Online

We got to know that Chapter spoilers and scans leaks are out. But it’s easier to wait until Sunday, December 20th, and read the manga series from official sources.

Chapter 53 is available for free on a variety of platforms. And here is the official legal sources because it’s always better to seek the proper way.

Since the latest three chapters of the Boruto manga series are free to read, which would also help the manga creators. They are:

  • VIZ media
  • Shonen Jump
  • Mangaplus
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