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Among Us Game

Among Us Game On Its Way To The Epic Games Store

Today we present you the details of Among Us game as it will be available on the Epic Games Store, which we know from leaked images.

It’s vital to note that platform availability is crucial for a game to succeed in the long run. And Among Us will make its way to the Epic Games store, along with its cosmetic DLC packs, which we come to know from leaked images.

We come to know that Among Us had worked on implementing player accounts. In fact, Epic Games is known for its smooth running of its systems and its ability to integrate these systems. To know all the other details from the game leaks, read the article till the end.

Among Us Game Info

Among Us on Epic Games Store
Among Us Coming to Epic Games Store

For the uninitiated, we would like to present introductory info about the game: Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game that is developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. It was released on iOS and Android devices in June 2018 and on Microsoft Windows in November 2018.

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Among Us Game Ratings

It’s ber actually quite a matter of disagreement about what age rating Among Us should have. The ESRB recommended players should be at least ten years of age or older. In contrast, the Apple App Store says that 9+ was fine.

Initially, the game had a 16+ rating from the PEGI rating board. Later, it was shifted to 7+ after a rating audit revealed that the game was not as gruesome or violent as was initially believed.

Among Us Coming to Epic Games Store

When Rocket League migrated from Steam to the Epic Games Store, they advertised its new player account system and cross-progression with other platforms. Now, what does that mean that, regardless of the player’s choice of platform, players will maintain their collection of cosmetics, season level, and competitive ranking.

The same is the case for Epic Game’s most successful title, Fortnite. With an Epic Games account, the gamers can share their progression and purchases regardless of the platform, making Epic Games one of the best-acclimated platforms for games utilizing player accounts.

As we know from leaked images from iFireMonkey on Twitter, Among Us will make its way to the Epic Games store.

PC players can download Among Us from Steam or the creator’s page on currently. The leaked images show that players can also purchase all of the current cosmetic DLC packs. Or, if they wish, they can purchase a bundle called the Among Us All-In-One Pack. That would include all of the cosmetic packs at a discounted price.

The InnerSloth devs have confirmed the demand for player accounts for the past few months. A proper account system is required for the improvement of the game’s quality. And also for making the game a relatively safe place for all players.

According to InnerSloth, it is difficult to independently develop an account-based system for the game’s outdated engine. Hence Epic Games could prove to be a great help for developing the needed system. But anyway, regardless of the reasons and all questions’ behind it. Among Us is expected to come to the Epic Games Store, maybe sometime in the future.

It has started branching out and making itself available on consoles. And they have been allowing crossplay from the beginning.

The next big step the game requires is implementing a proper account system that would work on every platform. Luckily, Epic Games knows things about cross-platform accounts.

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