One Piece Chapter 999 Prediction and Spoilers Revealed

One Piece Chapter 999 Prediction and Spoilers Revealed
One Piece Chapter 999 Prediction and Spoilers Revealed

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Today we will look into what can be known of Ace’s real purposes and the focus of his return from the storyline of ‘One Piece’ chapter 999. From little revelations by Korean sources, fans are made to wait a little longer as the hype of chapter 999 and the next one 1000 too, is increased with Luffy’s brother!. To know all the other details from the show, read the article till the end.

One Piece Chapter 999 Predictions

One Piece Chapter 999
One Piece Chapter 999

It is perhaps harmless to assume that Korean leaks and the storyline of chapter 999 are the same. Since what the leakers say is based on real manga panels. A rare achievement for the manga is to drop its 1000th chapter, and so a milestone incident like Ace’s return is likely to occur, and fans are lucky to see the things as scheduled as there are no breaks this week! BlockToro issues have been solved due to the speedy working schedule of Eiichiro Oda, and official spoilers may come in no time!.

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Chapter 999 will probably concern Ace’s return and his stay in Wano, though not all fans are happy about it, including a flashback. But there can be something more to it rather than what’s mentioned.

One Piece Chapter 999 Spoilers, Release Date

One Piece Chapter 999
One Piece Chapter 999

According to the International Business Times. Ace’s coming in Onigashima, and his relationship with Yamato is to be dealt with in  Chapter 999. The former’s aim being rescuing the kidnapped children from Wano’s people. This might have something to do with Tama since he was washed away along the beach near the latter’s village.

He may take things under his hands after getting known to the villagers as Luffy’s brother. And know their ordeals under Kaido’s reign. 

 After arriving in Onigashima, Ace is said to meet the daughter of the Beast Pirates captain Kaede. Since he was then on an expedition, with whom Ace quarreled, they gradually created a friendship, likely to be developed into a romance!

One Piece Chapter 999

So it can be said that fans will see quite a lot in the coming chapter 999 of ‘One Piece’ when it is released on Sunday, December 20th on Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump.

This was exciting before we got the 1,000th chapter for the manga. We can confirm that Shonen will have colored covers for the next two chapters to celebrate the occasion. The final publication of Chapter 1000 is most likely to be postponed by the holidays and will arrive in 2021.

One Piece Chapter 999Even the manga has achieved a lot in the current arc, and most of us are waiting for it to be translated to anime in the coming year. This plotline is going to switch to the final arcs of this manga. Whatever happens at the climax, which unfolds in the flower city, will eventually affect the rest of the straw hat crew’s path to the final treasure.

Till then, please stay connected with us for more updates regarding the upcoming updates coming fromOne Piece Chapter 999.

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