Marvel's What If Teaser Released: Represents Six Alternate MCU Stories
Marvel's What If Teaser Released: Represents Six Alternate MCU Stories

Marvel’s What If Teaser Released: Represents Six Alternate MCU Stories

Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Marvel Studios have recently released the trailer of ” What If…? “, the animated series which will be released in the coming year. The series will be hosted in Disney +, one of the greatest streaming platforms in recent days. The company also premiered the much-awaited trailer for ” The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

Bryan Andrew is the director of the series, along with Ashley Bradley as the head writer. The cast contains actors such as Jeffrey Wright, Hayley Atwell, Josh Brolin, and Dominic Cooper.

Marvel’s What If Trailer Reveals Six Alternate MCU Stories

“What If..?” is one of the most exciting projects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming up this year. The series is based on the storyline of the comic book itself.  Previously, Marvel Comics had published What If Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?  in the year 1977.

MCU fans always have thought about how the outcome would have been if Spiderman was seriously a part of the magnificent team. The suggested conclusion of the plotline would have been Sue Storm tagging along with Namor since she was extremely neglected by the team. But there have also been several other alternatives in this case. This is why the fans of the franchise have high hopes from this trailer as well.

The upcoming series have the same idea, just like the 1977 Marvel What if..? Comics.  There is one scenario coming up which suggests that what if the Super Soldier Serum was given to Peggy Carter, without letting Steve Rogers aka Captain America. That is expected to bring about a major twist in the series.

Marvel's What If...? First Look
First Look

Similar to the comics, the Watcher can be seen as a narrator in the series. The two biggest alternate realities shown in the trailer is Peggy receiving the serum, which turns her into a shield-carrying hero.

T’Challa can also be seen as Star-Lord rather than the Black Panther. The roles of Doctor Strange and Hulk will also be a huge surprise for the fans. A clip had also been released where Steve Rogers was seen in the Iron Man suit, which is also expected to be worn by Peggy Carter.

The first season of What If…? will have 10 episodes. It is supposed to be an enthralling and thoughtful viewing experience as fans will be able to see their favorite characters in new avatars.

Although the 2021 show has not been released, the works of What If. Season 2 is on the trend, which is not at all surprising—the possibilities for What If…? scenarios are plentiful since there have been 20 movies beforehand.
Thus, What If… can be one of the most awaited series by Marvel fans who will be ready to stream Disney + in the upcoming year.

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