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Iwaju: Disney Works with Pan-African Company For New Series

The latest updates coming from Disney animation studios states that Disney Animation Studios is adding up with a pan-African comics publisher to create Iwaju. Iwájú is a long-form animated series that is all set in a Wakanda-like world. Iwájú series was announced alongside other additional shows of Disney Animated studios, which will also debut on Disney+. 

The additional series were Moana, Tiana, Baymax!, and Zootopia+. These all are based on already existing movies that hit Disney at a huge success and are expanding the properties with the Disney movies universe. To know more about the Iwájú, the upcoming animated series, read the article till the end.

Disney + Pan-African Company To Release Sci-fi Series Iwaju

Disney + Pan-African Working on Iwaju

Disney announces a lot of animated series every year, which almost succeeded a lot. Iwájú is the new animated series coming for Disney this time.

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According to CEO, Jennifer Lee, this is an original animated series that is the first animated series not based on any other movie or franchise and will be existing as the first one from Disney. Iwájú is also slated to be released on Disney+ in the year 2022.


As per some reports, Disney Animation Studios has teamed up with an African entertainment company to adopt the new series Iwaju, a comic transfer into a TV series. Iwaju title translates to ‘The Future’ in the Yoruba language. Iwájú is a creation of Kigali media, the book which was developed by Tolu Olowofoyeku, Hami Ibrahim, and Fikayo Adeola. 

It is a comic book that tells stories mostly about the African continent and their lifestyles. Disney’s partnership with the pan-African company to release the sci-fi series, set in Lagos, Iwaju, is highly appreciated from Disney being the first-ever franchise. 

Iwaju Series Expected Plotline Updates 

Iwaju (via Disney)

Kurali media was created in the year 2017. It’s the group created by three friends from Nigeria and Uganda. They used to share the stories inspired by “African culture.” They shared it from their comic books, art, and augmented reality. However, one can not add any other additional concepts to the books as all these stories. Not only respect the history and embrace the current lifestyle but also pictures the upcoming days of Africa.

The famous testimony to the statement is given by Iwaju, which is set in the futuristic capital of Nigeria known as Lagos. Viewers can expect that the series will also follow the same storyline from the comic book. We may watch some extra glimpses from African lifestyles.

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