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Dragon Age 4: BioWare reveals the fourth installment at The Game Awards

Dragon Age 4: BioWare reveals the fourth installment at The Game Awards

EA has verified that the highly-awaited Dragon Age 4 (if that is its actual name) will have its “next reveal” during December’s Game Awards.

Dragon Age 4; The “next disclose” rises!!

EA stated the news as Dragon Age Day, the formal day on which the Dragon Age community mark the license. Geoff Keighley, who is the host and producer of The Game Awards, approved Twitter news about it.

As part of the Dragon Age Day festivities, BioWare has also announced four stories scripted by its team, which will help draw the image for the eternity of Dragon Age and give some info into the following reveal at The Game Awards.

There are four stories on the official site of Dragon Age, each of them having its design, and fans will be able to search them for signs over the next days.


Some update that shows the game is still on track will undoubtedly be greeted by fans, particularly after the announcement that Casey Hudson, the general manager of BioWare, and Mark Darrah, the administrative producer on Dragon Age, are leaving the studio. BioWare and Darrah convinced fans that the Dragon Age franchise is still in the right guidance with Christian Dailey and going strong but given we yet don’t know a lot about Dragon Age 4 or its progress, this update is well-timed.

Dragon Age 4: What will we see?

It has not still been established how the game will make an exhibition, but The Game Awards appears to be ‘the place’ for Dragon Age 4 trailers as it’s now almost two years following the game was revealed with a short teaser trailer during the 2018 exhibit. This year, we experienced a look behind the game’s displays during Gamescom 2020, but probably, further details on the game are now appearing.

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Dragon Age 4 Release Date

Fortunately, there’s not that long to wait—The Game Awards will happen on Thursday, December 10, and will stream over more than 45 platforms all around the globe, so it’ll be hard to miss. When exactly in the stream Dragon Age 4 will make its appearance, we don’t know, but the display will start at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET which is midnight on Friday, December 11, for those living in GMT.

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