Escanor's Death
Escanor in Seven Deadly Sins

Escanor’s Death in Seven Deadly Sins: How did Escanor Die?

The Seven Deadly Sins has been one of the most interesting series of modern times, and Escanor’s death has been a very lucrative topic. However, some fans believe that he didn’t die, as, given his reputation, it gets tough to deem that Escanor actually died in the story.

 Escanor, Also known as Lion’s Sin of Pride, is said to be the seventh and final member of Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins). He is popular in the series as he possesses immense power during the day and gradually becomes weaker by the sun’s setting.

One of his inherited secret power is “Sunshine.” Escanor is considered one of the most mysterious group members, but the question arises that is he even that strong? In one of his iconic fights against Commandment of Love: Estarossa, He actually proved why he is considered one of the strongest humans alive. 

 In one of the manga’s very recent events, we witnessed Escanor beating the pulp out of Demon King in Zeldoris’ body. He did that with his “The One From.” He used every bit of his remaining energy and power. Thus the new question now arises Escanor dead? So to answer these things, we have compiled up some facts to answer this question. So without further ado, let’s go to the discussion section.

Did Demon King(Zeldris) kill Escanor?

Is Escanor Dead?

Castellio’s former prince, Escanor, has come a long way. Initially born as a weak character, his power, Sunshine, brought ridiculous development in him. His strength reaches a peak during the daytime, and with the setting sun, he returns to his normal weak state. Escanor’s death has always been a hot topic among fans, and the overall story is as interesting as it can get.

Escanor, The Lion’s Sin of Pride, died after fighting against the Demon King. He fought Demon King with his “The One From” and used every bit of energy. However, his body disintegrated when used full of his power to boost up the grace “Sunshine.” So he used the borrowed grace and to put an end to Demon King.

But it was already too late for him as he used most of his power while fighting against Demon King; he knew to defeat him, he must activate his “Ultimate One Form,” which he did, but while doing, his body gave up as he was way over his limit. He already knew that he is going to die, but still, he did this so that he can protect his friends and die an honorable death. 

Escanor’s Death: How Exactly Did Escanor Die? 

As we discussed in the above portion, he used all of his powers while fighting against Demon King. He borrowed Sunshine to go all out against Demon King (Zeldris). He was finally able to defeat Zeldris, but in the process, actually, he used up all of his powers, and hence he died while the grace returned to Mael.

In the holy post-Holy War arc, The Demon king took control over the body of Zeldoris while Melodias was still capable of defeating Demon King. Still, he did not do as he didn’t want to destroy his brother’s body. 

When the rest of the sins finally came to his aid, Escanor wanted and pleaded with Mael of the four archangels to let him borrow the Sunshine. During that time, he was already aware that he was already dying because of that godly power’s heavy usage. But Escanor didn’t think about himself at that point, but rather he used that power to help his friend and put an end to Demon King(Zeldris).

While fighting against Demon King(Zeldris) in his “The One Form” hand-to-hand combat. He was already aware that it wouldn’t be enough to defeat a god, so he used his own life force to charge up the grace sunshine. And after successfully defeating Demon King (Zeldris), the grace went back to Mael. And Escanor finally confessed his love for Boar’s Sin Merlin, and he died. 

 Escanor's Death: Demon King (Zeldris) vs Escanor

3. Who is Mael? and What is the Exact Truth About Escanor’s Powers?

Mael actually is one of the four Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan. Mael is considered as the strongest Archangels and was the former holder of the grace sunshine. 

3000 years ago, the genius magician demon and the former commandment of selflessness, also known as the Goat’s Sin of Lust, cast a spell on the Universe to end the Holy War. The Spell eventually affected all the races and the two gods, The Demon King and Supreme Deity.  

When Meliodas, later on, betrayed the demons and sided with Elizabeth and the Goddesses, the Balance collapsed. Therefore Gowther finally executed his plan to alter the memory of everyone’s to put an end to this holy war.  

The lost grace Sunshine, after the death of Mael them roamed around everywhere for centuries before finally entering into Escanor’s body(The Second Prince of Castellio). 

At the time of The Holy War, the spell was erased everyone’s memory was restored. To save his fellow sins and Elizabeth, Escanor returned the Sunshine to Mael, who could only use it to its complete potential.

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Escanor vs Estarossa

Escanor’s Power Level and Strength:

If you have watched the anime, you would know the might of Escanor. He is easily one of the most powerful characters of the series and can give anyone a run for their money. The titles that he received go on to show his caliber; he is referred to as ‘the Strongest Man Alive .’ This alone should be enough to give you an idea of what he has accomplished.

To top it off, his power Sunshine gives him a unique advantage over others. Synced with our natural Sun, his power levels increase drastically during the daytime, and it peaks at perfect noon, giving him the power equivalent to those of Gods.

In his prime form, Escanor is unmatched, and the evidence is provided by one such incident, where he was able to subdue Meliodas by using his Cruel Sun & Divine Sword, who was in his demonic state. According to stats, his peak power levels records at 142,000.

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