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The Journey Of Elaina Season 2: When Will The New Season Arrive?

Season one of The Journey of Elaina has ended a few months back, and now the viewers are expecting the season two arrival of the anime series. As per the updates, the show makers have some good ideas for its new season.

It seems that they have some creative material for the upcoming season. But officially, no announcement as of yet made by the director of the series has made fans curious about the show.

The anime “The Journey of Elaina” is wholly based on the exact name’s light novel. The book’s author named Jougi Shiraishi and the Series is about a wandering witch who is Influenced stories of Niké.

Elina wants to do the same for herself. She is determined to learn from the books, and magic leads to becoming the youngest apprentice to pass the sorcery exam. But Elina needs the training to master the arts of magic and become a full-fledged witch.

But she somehow gets rejected although she has exceptional talents, and then she finds Fran, one of the stardust witches.

Fran finally accepts her and trains her, and soon she earns her title as “Ashen Witch” and begins his journey to explore the world to meet the people around the globe and see all the places there.

The Journey Of Elaina Season 2 Release Date 

Release dates for the new anime series “The Journey of Elaina” second season will be launched in 2022.

As of June 17th, 2021, there hasn’t been any update made on the release date of “The Journey Of Elaina Season 2″. As of now, it is expected that if the show gets a renewal, it will most likely probably arrive some time in 2022.

The Journey Of Elaina Season 2 Lead Roles 

The Journey Of Elaina Season 2
The Journey Of Elaina Season 2: New Season to Arrive in 2021

The main characters in the title role for the series are:-

  • Elaina:- Elaina is an 18-year-old girl. She has passed the main magic exam in the story for season one. She is the leading role in the series, and the story revolves around her life. Elaina’s actual name is Ash Witch, which her teacher Fran gives, and it’s because Elaina’s head has only ashy hair colour. Elaina has calm, intelligent, and cooperative behaviour. But thankfully, she also holds up a strong character of a girl, which helps her pass the magic tests and achieve her goals. 
  • Fran:- Fran became Elaina’s favourite as she has some extra and powerful magical powers. She is a great magician. Fran’s middle name is a Scarlet witch.
  • Saya:- This girl met Elaina in the middle of her adventure and soon became close to her.

The Journey Of Elaina Season 2 Story

The Journey of Elaina Season 2 is expected to launch sometime in 2022. The journey of Elaina is coming up with ten new episodes in all. As the name depicts, the Journey of Elaina is the story of a little girl, namely Elaina, who used to read Nike’s adventure book. 

She initially developed an interest in making her life like Nike. She wants to do all the extreme magical things in her life and face challenges. She even passed the exam for the magic kingdom, but soon the witches started ignoring their presence. 

But as we know, this ignorance turnout as her fate, and she finds a new teacher from witches, namely Fran. She teaches her a lot of magical empires and challenges of themselves. Somehow the story continues like this for the series.

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