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Outer Banks Season 2 Will Be More Exciting and Fun Than The Season 1

Outer Banks’ teenage drama series took Netflix by storm in the earlier 2020, and the show will make a comeback with Season 2. Outer Banks follows the constant class war between the working class Pogues and well-off Kooks in North Carolina. However, the two groups come head to head as they race to find the rumored treasure located in a sunken ship off the island’s coast.

Netflix’s teen series Outer Banks is returning for a Season 2. Here’s everything you have to know for the upcoming batch of episodes. The Outer Banks Season 1 ending saw protagonist John B as an outlaw racing to the Bahamas to follow the treasure’s tracks. 

Outer Banks Season 2: Teaser Trailer and Release Date Revealed 

After much wait, Netflix has finally revealed the teaser trailer of Outer Banks Season 2; the series is slated for release on 30th July 2021.

“Back in the G game, baby.”


Production for Season 2 began in September 2020, after being renewed in July. The show announced its comeback over Instagramsaying, “See you in the Bahamas.” However, the burden of two different shooting destinations may have made the show’s filming schedule long.

And after much wait, Netflix has finally revealed the teaser trailer of Outer Banks Season 2 and also revealed the release date as well; the show will be going to arrive on 30th July 2021. In a joint statement, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke have said that they have turned up the dial for everything fans loved about season 1 of Outer Banks, and this time more romance, mystery, thrill, and risk will be on the stake. Season 2 will be filled with be a full-throttle action-packed season with more adventure and action. They have also promised the fans that it would be a wild ride.

Outer Banks Season 2 Filming Stills
Outer Banks Season 2 Filming Stills

Outer Banks Season 1: Ending

The Outer Banks Season 1 ended with a proper setup for the second season. Before the ongoing for the first season, Big John, John B’s Father, mysteriously vanished. John B understands his dad’s disappearance is somehow associated with the treasure.

He eventually learns Sarah’s father, Ward, allied with his father to look for the treasure, and he ultimately killed Big John over a related conflict. In a discussion following this understanding, Sarah’s brother murders the police officer because he got too close to the truth. Her murder is bound on John B, but instead of facing determined arrests, John B and Sarah go to sea in the middle of a storm. They’re thought dead, so they follow the treasure trail.

This leaves a lot of content for Outer Banks Season 2 to work on. While part of the show may occur in the Bahamas, the show will surely see the young couple returning. This will positively lead to an exposé between John B and Ward, although if that would lead towards Ward’s arrest is still a mystery. As it continued the story of Season 1, the story was never brought to a conclusion. The audience can expect to either see a continuation of or resolution to that story.

Outer Banks Season 2 Ending Explained: How Does The Second Season End?

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