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Solo Leveling Chapter 129 Spoilers Teases a New Twist in the Story

Solo Leveling Chapter 129 Spoilers Teases a New Twist in the Story

Solo Leveling Chapter previous chapter arrived a few days back. And soon after the release, Solo Leveling chapter 129 has confirmed its release date for 2020. The story will be continuing from the final moments of the previous chapter. 

To know the spoilers for the Solo Leveling chapter 129 and much more, read the article till the end. Fans will get more updates soon as well.

Solo Leveling Chapter 129 Release Date Is Confirmed With Korean Time: International Timings Mentioned

"Solo Leveling Chapter 129The English translations of chapter 129 may be available anytime in between the given original time. It may be an hour before and one hour after as well.

Chapter 129 will be releasing over the Korean standardized time first as the title of Solo Leveling is a Korean Manhwa. Then the chapter will be taken up for English subbed and will be broadcasted.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 129 Spoilers Ahead

Solo Leveling Chapter 129

 Chapter 129 spoilers are going to make you feel better and relaxed for the show. 

Warning! Read-only if you are an interested fan.

  •  Sung Jin Woo is now out of danger in chapter 129 as Cha Hae notices that Jin Woo is sleeping without having any breathing problems. This makes a clear note that Jin Woo is not in danger anymore. 
  •  Cha Hae in will be shown as spending more time with Sung Jin Woo. Cha wants to make Jin-woo feel better and to get back in his consciousness. Hence, he decides to change the strategy and spends time with him.
  •  Angel Statue will get more serious attention in this Chapter 129. His eyes will get deep red, which is an indication that he is getting serious for this chapter.
  •  An earthquake is visualized in this chapter 129. Some stones falling and trembles are added, which is the sign of the stone statue’s rising.
  • Chapter 129 will end where all the stone statues will make all the hunters corner.
  • Hunter will notice that the gate is now closed, and all of them are trapped.
  • Defeating angels or defeating the stone statues are the only method to go out.

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