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Google Paywall: Newest Feature To Launch in iOS and Android Soon

Google has recently made an announcement for its upcoming paywall content for Androids and iOS. As soon as the company made a hefty $1 billion investment in its news publishers’ partnerships, Google announced about paying for some paywalled content. This will be done for its News Showcase program. The News Showcase is a new additional update to Google News, which was launched in October. 

This update of google news displays story panels that are generated by publishers. However, this feature is not available in the US yet. To know more about this announcement made by Google, read the article till the end.

Google Launching Paywall Content 

Google PaywallA recent post from the Google blog post described that the latest launched feature, namely News Showcase, would offer all users access to the upcoming paywalled content. This will be offering in partnership with selected news publishers only.

Google will also pay partners for having limited access to their paywalled content. A registration method will be needed for the users to use it. To access paywalled content, users must have to register with the individual publishers individually.

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To increase users’ interest in finding their news articles from favorite publishers, Google is also introducing a new panel feature with it. At the same time, National and local publications are also expected to your feed. Google News Showcase publications also discover a new area in Newsstand on Google News. 

The registration features build up the relation between the readers and publications. Partnership and reader ease and priorities are kept in mind by google while developing such features in it. Google is planning to launch a wide news publication system for users to have the day to day appearance for newsstands.

News Showcase And Launch Of Paywall In iOS And Android

Google Paywall
Google Paywall

News Showcase is not available for United States users till now. Google signed the contract with many other countries, but the United States is currently out of this list. News Showcase went on live in October in Brazil and Germany. The Publications in other countries, including Argentina, Canada, France, UK, and Australia, have then signed on for this partnership.

The United States, being in the list of top most countries, will enter into this partnership soon. But for now, US users can’t have this update.

Google PaywallSome more notable new partners for this Paywall content will include publications such as Le Monde, Courrier International, L’Obs, Le Figaro, Libération and L’Express in France, and Página12, La Gaceta and El Día in Argentina. More can be added to this list, but for now, it’s concluded here.

Additionally, News Showcase has also expanded the board production to Google News on iOS and will be coming soon to Google News on the web, which is for android users.

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