Netflix Is About To Renew "Blood Of Zeus" For Season 2
Netflix Is About To Renew "Blood Of Zeus" For Season 2

Netflix Is About To Renew “Blood Of Zeus” For Season 2

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Blood of Zeus is returning for Season 2, it seems – in the news, and it is confirmed to delight fans of the Greek mythology-infused Netflix Anime.
The first season landed on Netflix back on October 27, and it’s not a surprise to see it being renewed. Produced by the studio behind Castlevania, there’s a lot of talent at work to expand Netflix’s roster of mature animation shows.
There’s no particular release date as of now, but the announcement embedded below does mention that “Heron’s adventures will continue,” quite explicitly stating that the first season’s protagonist will be at the center of things once again.

Blood of Zeus Season 2- More Of Heron To Come

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Blood of Zeus Season 2: Possible Plotlines

After an amazing end to the first sequence of Blood Of Zeus, we were very sure that there definitely would be a new season to go in detail with the storyline.

1. Will Seraphim bow down before Hades?

To avoid his horrible destiny of living in the Underworld, Hades has allowed Seraphim to work for him, but it requires Seraphim to bow down. Hades is a dangerous and energetic god, and with Seraphim under him, it will only cause a problem for Heron and the other Gods of Olympus.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2
Blood Of Zeus Season 2

Although Seraphim is arrogant and ambitious, he has no choice but to serve Hades. He will be seeking a way to twist his fate and remove himself from Hades’ grasp.

2. The leader of the Gods of Olympus?

In the climactic fight between the gods and giants, Zeus sacrificed himself to save Hera from the giants’ wrath. Now, with Zeus gone, the gods of Olympus are without a ruler.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2
Blood Of Zeus Season 2

In his battle with Seraphim, Heron utilized the same powers as Zeus to defeat his brother. With his ascension to Mount Olympus, and with Zeus’s ability to command, we could see the other gods turn to Heron to become their new leader.

3. The destiny of Hera

After everything settled in the battle between Gods and Giants, the goddess Hera is yet to appear in the scene. Zeus’s decision to surrender himself for Hera may motivate her to return to Mount Olympus, but whether any of the gods welcome her back with open arms, there comes a problem to that.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2
Blood Of Zeus Season 2

Hera has also shown her extent of jealousy, and while she may forgive Zeus for his deeds, it will be difficult for him to watch Heron, his bastard son, move up through the ranks on Mount Olympus. So while she may not be the main antagonist of the second season, Hera could still cause plenty of trouble for Heron.

Blood of Zeus Season 2: Date of Release

We are unsure how long it would take for Season 2 as we have no clue if it would feature an exactly similar number of episodes. Unless production has already started on Season 2 of Blood of Zeus, we might not get to see the series reappear on Netflix until at least 2022.

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