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Mortal Kombat movie to release in theatres
Mortal Kombat movie release date

Mortal Kombat movie: Warner Bros. keeps its theatrical plans alive

The much-awaited theatrical debut of the Mortal Kombat movie has become more concrete, as new reports confirm Warner Bros.’s plans. The year 2020 hasn’t been too kind for us, and it affected almost all sectors. We can argue that the video games department might not have been affected, but the same cant be said for others.

We already know how the entertainment industry has taken a considerable blow. Production delays rendered the creators to postpose the initially planned release date of TV shows and movies. No one likes delays, and this year would’ve witnessed some of the biggest releases of recent time had the pandemic not hit us.

With most films being pushed back, fans have no other choice than to sit and wait. Some highly-anticipated movies like Mulan or Tenet failed to live up to the hype and couldn’t create the magic it was supposed to. Also, theatres took a big hit, and films releasing on OTT didn’t help either. 

Mortal Kombat movie: Theatrical plans still Alive but, other films might not have the same fate

Mortal Kombat movie
Mortal Kombat movie

One thing we are glad about is the fact that despite all this, the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie based on the popular video game franchise will still release in theatres. According to Variety’s latest report, the film production went pretty well; however, as conditions worsened, Warner Bros. was confused about how they would release the film.

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The company initially planned to release the film on the OTT platform; however, the idea was eventually scrapped. Luckily for the fans, the Mortal Kombat movie’s theatre plans are still on. So, if with the current development, it will be interesting to see if the original release date stays the same or not. Initially, it was revealed that the Mortal Kombat movie would release on 15th January 2020; however, that date is now subject to change.

As of now, no concrete date is available, but we expect to arrive in 2021’s first half only. Also, Covid-19’s vaccine development is pacing up, so fans are hoping to get back to their everyday lives soon.

Apart from that, Gal Gadot, starring in 2017’s Wonder Woman’s sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, will now specifically debut on HBO Max. Mulan was released on Disney+, and many other upcoming films are expected to follow the same pattern. Films like “Judas and the Black Messiah,” “Tom and Jerry,” and “The Little Things;” might see a similar fate, and they might not release in theatres. The films might get a BHO MAx hybrid release; however, the full details are still kept under wraps. 

We expect to hear more soon in the upcoming days, so stay tuned to us for further updates.

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